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Dream of unk man, 2 weeks ago
I did not post this dream because it was personal. Since a part of it came true, I wanted to post it. A couple of weeks ago I dreamed that I was in a relationship with a man that is unknown to me. The next day I thought about this man and if I had seen him somewhere. I could not place this person, so I thought it had to be day residue from TV or a movie I had seen.  

About a week after the dream I am in a store and hear someone call my name. I turn around and see someone who looks familiar. It turns out to be a man that I knew when I was a child and our families knew each other. I would never have known who his is if he had not recognized me.  So we exchanged greetings and how did you do in the flood, ect.  After I was driving away from the store, it hit me like wham up side my head, this is the guy from your dream. No doubt about it.
Wow Julie, this is so interesting that it was someone who you wouldn't even have placed at all if he hadn't called out to you. I always think that things are connected, I wonder what this connection means. Not saying that it will be a relationship, but there is something on a personal level here I would think.


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