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8/26/16 The Wolf and Puppies
Trending: lee wolf prime puppy connection fri com days aug accident tab personal pregnant remove dreamt truck means taylor feed wrapping notified men blonde sex hunting keeping icon due military alt
Waning: solid down had forum one into back add message time categories private profile lucid entries there up dream view class

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
This is so freaking frustrating! I changed everything I could and even visited the pages that DreamBot wanted to ignore. Bottom line….there is no reason why we should be having this tiny run today. I just don’t have any idea as to why the bot won’t read those pages. I even tried multiple internet connections. There must be a reason why this is has happened today.

Speaking of which, Wolf Prime could be lone wolf. Clearly, this wolf has puppies, so don’t get too glommed onto what will be presented as a lone wolf event.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

I think we might be directed to focus on wolf prime puppy connection.  Excellent point Eric about prime wolf being lone wolf and noticing the way this message may change what would normally be a lone wolf event into something else with the added word puppy.  (note that puppy and pregnant are both in the run).
It may indeed seem to be a lone wolf event but one which is actually coordinated somehow.  I would guess multiple acts taking place in a short period of time.  Hours or days apart.   Maybe it is thought to be  a lone wolf event until it "gives birth" to more. Prime might actually represent  the #1 wolf terrorist with puppy being a child/teen carrying out the attack(s) as has happened in Turkey recently with a bombing by a youth between 12-14 years of age.
I believe if something does happen in the near future, look for a second action to follow shortly afterword.

There is a chance this is still related to the Washington State decision to kill an entire endangered wolf pack which I mentioned yesterday. More fallout might be on the way for that upcoming action.
Perhaps both events are what the bot is suggesting.

"A top executive at a South Korean company facing a corruption investigation was found dead early Friday just hours before he was due to be questioned by prosecutors.
Lee In-won, vice president of the conglomerate Lotte Group, was discovered lying on the ground with a necktie around his throat, according to local police.
Police said they suspected he may have hanged himself and fallen to the ground when the necktie broke, but the cause of death hasn't officially been established. A four-page letter was found at the scene in Yangpyeong county, east of Seoul, police said, declining to comment on its contents."
Oh now this is so weird. I had the first solid dreaming session that I've had in awhile and voila, there is a run this morning with the same imagery. I will put the log over in the right section for all to read. But the gist of it was that I was part of some formal alternative quasi-military group and we were assigned to go out and find, collar and bring back in Dire Wolves. The catch was that when we arrived onsite to do the job, no one told us they "hadn't materialised yet" or that we'd have to attract them somehow, and the site was both deserted and haunted. We were chasing ghost wolves with chew toys and leashes?
Wolf prime puppy connection along with other words in the run remove, hunting, could be day residue referring to this story:

The entire waning section reads like the bot is explaining something about today's run.
Well, this happened.  The bot has most of the story. Sad
taylor feed wrapping notified men
Speechless. Sad Monsters.

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