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8/29/16 Study the Back Entries
Trending: class view dream up sun there study one think back entries room look profile attempt high forum private down lucid add starts solid message wild usually shooting categories into over
Waning: town fragment brother road weird run glass later cut aunt month meaning wed prime field tree watched magic near fri

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

When I see class view dream, I feel that the NDC needs to take note! Anyone else feel that way?
Looks like more forum, server, email, data, private hacking stuff will be in the news.
town fragment brother road weird run glass later cut- this might be about recent earthquakes or it might be about a new natural disaster.
Well, we do have another hacking attack, this time with election information.
I think a lot of the words come from anxious students (or parents) getting their children back to school.
I agree with both of ya! Smile

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