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9/1/16 Red Alert: Royalty's Staff is Broken
Trending: king september yoga mist planet 2016 queen aug monster staff broken mike last teeth success hug clock gold sun would kiss mouth kid up totally continue had been break activity
Waning: lady hall death yes run vivid train flying august however spirit try maybe god thanks strange giant women days living

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

I find both King and Queen in the run to be quite unusual. Interesting how King is pared with September and Queen with August (aug). Could a new king be on the horizon?  If they aren't related, then I would think about someone named king like Larry King. Aug might not be August but and abbreviation for something like Augusta.
Vivid train flying, sounds like a train accident.
Does hug clock, mean holding onto or holding back time? Or, is someone's time up?  Are we running out of time ?  Does it have to do with gold sun?
Anyone else think that monster staff broken might reference  Maybe employment issues in general or specific issues with that company are on the horizon.
I am going to go back to the King and Queen theme again To examine this theme in the botrun in more detail.
Is it speaking of a changing of the power from Queen Elizabeth to Charles or William?
In August we have a Queen but in September we have a King.
monster staff broken -Her reign has been incredibly long and her Sceptre  is a staff.  The "breaking of her sceptre" could be seen as the ending of her throne.
had been break activity - she is currently on holiday at her castle in  Scotland.
last teeth success hug clock- this could be speaking of her last days in as monarch.
kid up totally continue - her child succeeds her.

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