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Multiple scenes, 9/4/16, am
Dream continued from one scene to the next without interruption.

Scene 1. I am in a house looking for a bathroom because I need a shower. There are 3 bathrooms and only one is available so I go into the available one to shower.

Scene 2. I am on an escalator in a department store.  Was thinking about if it would be possible to slide down and thought no, it might hurt when you get to the bottom. I notice a man behind me and I ask him if he works here. He said, yes I do work here. We walk out of the building and find a bus stop. I want to go to a University Library to research something. When I get on the bus, the man is still behind me. I then have a conversation with a passenger about dimes. When we get to the University stop the bus driver doesn't want to let me off the bus. The man that was following me said, she can get off the bus. He argued with the bus driver for a few more minutes as I walked off the bus.

I walk through a crowd of people toward a building that I think is the Library. The man from the department store is following behind me. I walk into the building and notice there is a live art exhibit in progress. Each piece of art has a live person in it and I thought it was very clever and well done. I walked towed some stairs and once on the second floor I found the room I was looking for.

Scene 3. I am on a bus again with the same man behind me.  He said, I think we need to get off the bus at the next stop. I said, yes this may be where my car is parked.  We both get off the bus and I looked around and could see a city in the distance. This area didn't look very populated so I am wondering what to do next. Then we get on what looks like a motorcycle/car. We drive a little and stop in the middle of the road. I think that this place doesn't look right. I continue to look around at my surroundings trying to locate a familiar landmark.

Scene 4. The man that has been behind me is now in front of me. He is very close to me and he said focus, what do you see. I concentrated and notice that he is wearing a uniform of a law enforcement officer. I say, oh ok are you going to arrest me for being here?  He said, you are in a very dangerous area and shouldn't be here. I said, what about my car, I don't know where it's parked. He smiled and said, I will take you home.

Afterthoughts: Felt like I was on walk-about and the man was assigned to me.
Yes, a walkabout is exactly what I thought even before I finished reading this. Especially when he said, "Focus, what do you see?"

Do you think you saw what he was trying to point out to you? Or is there more?

One thing - did you post this yesterday morning? I don't recall seeing this at all. I mean AT ALL. Very odd, as I usually go through them all, even if I don't comment. And I remember thinking that yesterday was a very light day because of the holiday. Makes me feel like I've been jumping timelines.
Hi GG - I think he wanted me to know that he was helping/protecting me. It had to do with where I was in the other world/dimension. Must be why the bus driver didn't want me to get off the bus.

And yes, I posted this yesterday in the morning.
I don't think I saw it also as I've been checking to make sure gig was ok

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Thanks ybul! Good to have this kind of thing documented.
Your welcome and glad your dry

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I also saw it pop up later.
When I think about the area I was prevented from entering, I wonder if it's the space between dimensions. I've been just up to the edge of it a few times and have always been stopped and sent back to my bed.
(09-05-2016, 11:44 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: I also saw it pop up later.

So if three of us saw it pop in later, I wonder if anyone remembers it popping in when it was posted?

One scenario is just an Internet blip, the other is something far more interesting!

And it's interesting Julie, that you are talking about an area you've been prevented from entering, and it seems that, for whatever reason, we were prevented from seeing it when you "entered" it here. Big Grin

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