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Red Alert 10/26/16 Red Alert: Bruce has a dynamite surge score
Trending: bruce dick honey yelled breakfast timing universe shocked superman alright double master staying finished alien kinda cause map fish picked conversation voice power menu quiet ship smiling exactly changed mind
Waning: wild phone public lines probably goal tiny fight sat shared sex falling met competition tip request dragon fire trump sun

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

I believe the entire waining section is about the election.
The beginning- wild phone public lines - might be about telephone polls and voting lines on election day.
The end- trump sun- the sun setting on trump (likely as this is the last part of the waning words.  If Trump and sun were at the top of the trending words, I would say instead that the sun is rising on Trump.)
The words in between in the waning section seem to also be about the election.
I wonder who Dick and Bruce are...? Or is Bruce a dick?
Trump Sun could also be about the Sunshine state and Trump, as in Trump winning the sunshine state.

For the Sunshine State, in the five polls where Clinton is ahead, it's as close as 2 points. One shows Trump in the lead, and one shows a tie.....
Another thought about bruce, dick: The run for 27 October contained the words bruce, batman. I didn't see it when I first read this run but this could be another reference to Batman, Bruce Wayne. Dick could refer to Dick Grayson, who was Robin, and is now Nightwing.

Considering that Superman has also showed up in at least one run, bot appears to be talking about superheroes. Question is, are these referring to Halloween costumes or something else?
Don't know if this is related to Bruce, but the man who accidentally shot Bruce Lee Jr. passed away today from cancer. Don't know if the bot works this way, but could "dick" be related to Anthony Weiner?

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