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Global War - WW3
NOTE: I am reluctant to post this at the public dreambase.  So it is here for this group to contribute to. I have posted some of my own comments at the forum thread for discussing dream interpretation.  –A


WW3, major warfare escalations, war plans -- these could be posted here or if in the dreambase, then linked here.

My primary filter in dream-vision time is for truly large scale or major events of global significance. This is to minimize my attention becoming distracted by small scale events.

Preparations for Global War?

This morning October (waking time flash dream-vision, remote read, etc.) the primary representative(s) of Chinese-based interests for the head table of global dominance and the Russian-based interests for the head table of global dominance were working out how to coordinate "taking out" the USA-based interests for the head table of global dominance. The intention towards this was not a problem, that was already agreed upon, the problem was mutual assurances and insurance that each side would live up to their own part of the agreements and not encroach upon the other's interests.  Double checked this. Got it fairly clear and direct, so it seemed.

Postscript note: With a third check on this, I would add that these “interests” may not necessarily be the public personae that the public world would identify with each of these countries. (This is not much different that in USA where the president really has very little authority beyond the directives given him by those who have a momentarily dominant edge over the public side of governmental affairs.)

Short background: Several years ago while my wife and I were looking for relocate in the northern California coastal region, I was seeing overlays of probable or very possible futures for the areas we were looking at -- often while driving. Most of these were about geophysical changes. But one day I "see" (in a waking vision overlay) Chinese high ranking military officials scouting out their own little turf in the general area around Mendocino. One of the reasons they were present was in response to some geophysical events. These high ranking officials were selecting their own "villas" --not for purchase -- rather it seemed that these were "available" for them to choose from. (The area is somewhat away from the coastal edge, of a higher elevation, and a place where some of the mid-level USA officialdom elite have their own private retreats.)

Follow-up Comments with regard to “Preparations for Global War”

(updated for typos only)

Germane to NDC ideas of effecting some “positive change”, in my estimation, there are profound and subtle questions to give much consideration to before presuming what is right or wrong, good or bad, etc. as these are all expressions based upon a paradigm conflictual-duality that is a manifestation of a much larger “error”.

Follow-up Commentary to “Preparations for Global War”
October 17, 2014

Germane to ideas of effecting some “positive change”, in my estimation, there are profound and subtle questions to give much consideration to before presuming what is right or wrong, good or bad, etc. as these are all expressions based upon a paradigm of conflictual-duality that is itself manifestation of a greater “error”.

To my varied perspectives, war and peace are “sides of the same coin”, that “coin” being the state of human earthly existence –physically, socially, politically, etc.

For those on a path of higher states of spiritual consciousness, sooner or later one is no longer limited to these human-identified-human parameters of existence that were imposed upon this “reality of error” and accordingly, one no longer identifies with “all things human”.

In an instant, dichotomies such as “anti-war”, “pro-peace”, etc. can become artifices and artifacts of the paradigm of conflict-duality consciousness –and as all concerns and questions of human civilization recede to the background, the deeper revelation of the nature of human-earth existence comes to the forefront. This is truly apocalyptic, a term which initially referred to revelation of true knowledge of spiritual gnosis.


During the 20th century, various accomplished spiritual teachers and "mystics" thought they were doing great service by supporting the Allies over the Axis. Each worked at whatever planes or vibrational levels were available to them –from ordinary 3d level of human social movements and national interests –to working “quietly” with world leaders –or by directly taking on the primary dark lords and their subordinate entities that were most keen on fomenting global war for their multiple agendas (which I do not need to discuss here at this time).

Most never questioned whether the higher planes of consciousness could be in error.

In some instances, accomplished teachers/mystics based their intentions and actions upon simplistic perspectives that indicated the Dark lords seemed to be working more through Axis tendencies and less through the tendencies centered around the Allies. This is a faintly higher plane counterpart to lower human level naïve notions of “whomever shoots first is the aggressor” (and therefore must be “wrong’).

The paradigm of duality-conflict is like a monstrous pinball game in which deliberately limited parameters for choosing are imposed along with other “game rules” –until one steps out of the game entirely and sees reality from various perspectives of higher planes of consciousness.

Despite their access to leading humans and their own human experience and investigations, these teachers/mystics were also naïve about human affairs. This is also evident from a critical examination of the “legacy” of various “ascended masters” promoted through Theosophy and related tendencies.

As a historical note, during WW1 many refused to fight due to various combinations of social-class consciousness, pacifist principles, and preferred isolationism from what was mostly regarded as a “European conflict”. Learning from this while preparing for WW2, the powers-that-be developed a range of social-control memes to manipulate a majority into willingly fighting in their wars.

All those people who volunteered to fight against the Axis were led to believe they were at the least stopping a greater social "evil" than their own native version of exploitative suffering. They were tricked into volunteering for a war in which the very interests who they were deluded into believing they were fighting (and eventually prevailing over) were the very interests that eventually prevailed.

And of course the similar things can be said for those who were manipulated into fighting on the side of Axis.

Both sides used social control memes that were variations of “national glory”, “defending homelands”, defending/promoting a "better way of life”, “rescuing” those countries that were invaded, etc. The dominant historical record projects a set of falsehoods that the “good guys won” and the “bad guys lost” that a century of warfare set the stage for their version of a “global prosperity”.

Of course the outcome was perversely very different and the global interests supposedly defeated during the 20th century wars are the very interests that prevailed and redistributed their own global spheres of influence. Thus it can be seen that the “willing sacrifice” by those humans in fighting the global wars was based upon falsehoods, reinforced by implanted false memories.

Based upon their experience curve from more than a century of wars, the powers-that-be succeeded in developing an overt state of permanent war emplaced with greater ease that the efforts required to marshal the needed forces during the 20th century. The sophistication and the ease by which of the manipulation of human social beliefs and behaviors is now accomplished far more easily than ever before.


Upon hindsight, one might make a case that those teachers/mystics so earnest in their efforts during the 20th century managed to "buy a little time" for certain higher spiritual interests involved in rectifying a reality system that had been "made wrong".

However, I would not make that case. I would only say that they did what they did, in concert with whatever “higher consciousness” they were most engaged with, and well, that was that. It was their prerogative to make such attempts.

Here I must add that there were forces working on behalf of the Dark lords (the “Asuras” as some called them) that presented themselves as spiritual teachers and mystics promoting “the light”, but who actually were promoting something of the Dark force’s own version of an internal correction. (A theme found in the “Matrix” movie series.)

Today we know more of the depth and breadth of the greater existential larger situation and it was the work of those 20th century figures that contributed to this deeper and more thoroughgoing understanding at human and at higher planes of existence. Otherwise, today, we might find ourselves going through all that they went through so many decades ago.

That is perhaps the greatest success from those various efforts by various spiritually-focused interests at effecting their own notions of “positive change” in their time. We have only to pay attention.

Have you yet been privey to the real estate report that, dangme I think is just a few months old now, of a peculiar, large amount of Chinese folks remaining in China, buying up properties in a certain region of southern California?! I will do my best to find that, again. I emailed it to a close friend in San Diego, asking if she'd heard about it.

The report was that these were all cash purchases, not financed and it was "Chinese Nationals" IN China, if memory serves me. I even vaguely think the area started with an "L." I'll get on it. It happened.

This is not the exact page I read from, but here's the report. The one I read named one specific community in So.Cal. and said in a specific quarter of the year, I think I vaguely remember, but I guess nevermind that. This, too is about it.

Short background: Several years ago while my wife and I were looking for relocate in the northern California coastal region, I was seeing overlays of probable or very possible futures for the areas we were looking at -- often while driving. Most of these were about geophysical changes. But one day I "see" Chinese high ranking military officials scouting out their own little turf in the general area around Mendocino.
This is an extremely important post by our resident advisor and DFer, Alexander. Since we are still miles away from installing and truly initiating the program to which he warns (i.e., P2), let me just throw out this simple contrary viewpoint:

Pacifism has an even worse record than ill-applied activism. Of course, pacifism and activism are but two sides of the same coin also, so it's not and should not be about one or the other. THAT is dualism. But when you can flip the coin and see the value of both sides, that is NOT dualism. In fact, trying to escape dualism in the 3D plane by way of transcending is but an apologetically concealed version of apathy, aka. pacifism, aka. escapism. Some (mainly Eastern-based) spiritual traditions have produced some fantastically glorious maneuvers against suffering in the sphere of self. However, the very act of preventing suffering in self by way of transcending (or in psychology, disassociation), actually at a minimum ALLOWS suffering in others but in its worst actually CAUSES suffering in others. Indeed, reducing self suffering can and does cause (certainly not at a 100% ratio) other people to suffer, and here we've already come full circle....because the same people who teach how to evade self-suffering also teach to avoid being the cause of other peoples' suffering. Well, I'm here to state for the record that one cannot stop others from suffering simply by inaction. Sometimes reducing suffering in others REQUIRES action.

Thus we have the simple finale: ill-applied pacifism/activism = suffering. 

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Indeed Chris -- When one steps completely “outside of the game”, one can appreciate (or take in) a larger perspective, it is possible to observe, appreciate, even embrace whatever it is that at a lower level appears to be an A versus B decision dichotomy. To me the question of choice as well as action/inaction at the 3d human level depends greatly on one's resultant to the recursive questioning -- "why?" -- and to each response, "Why?" yet again, until one has run the process as far as possible.

Decades ago, I was very much engaged with "anti-war" / "peace" movements (plural). Today I can neither advocate "peace" nor "war" in the way humans usually refer to these concepts and projections. One must even look very closely at those "causes" that seem so "righteous" in contrast to all that which is so very "un-right" in the human world. Human level of “judgment” is based upon a limited set of parameters that one needs to be willing to let go of to step far out of the “ball park”.

Likewise with regard to action or inaction. The question has to do with “why?” Why and to what end? Indeed.

Some humans argue that life under x-y-z regime or system of social-political governance is far preferred than life under z-y-x system, etc. History is full of examples of how so many believed in “just cause” to defend (fill in the blank) or who welcomed an invading force that promises to rid them of their present oppressors, etc. And in most cases there was always some plausible sounding rationale at the human-centric point-of-view.

For the spiritually focused, sooner than later fundamental questions of existence become inescapable. Some may not find this until that pivotal existential catastrophic moment. Suddenly, choices never considered present themselves –at higher levels of one’s existence –as well in the interim for one’s human level of existence.

I have seen this with many individuals.


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