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Large Estate Home Suffers Water Damage
I dreamed a group of us had bought an estate-sized home in a bustling city. The look of the city suggested a European city such as London or Paris, or perhaps Boston. The house was enormous and hundreds of years old, with a sharp slanting roof reminiscent of a church. The location was urban with buildings adjacent to each other.

We were coming back to the home after running errands, and I was dismayed to see water running down the roof and entering through holes in the roof tile. I was very concerned about water damage, and we all anxiously entered the home to inspect the house for damage. In the main part of the home, I looked up at the ceiling, and now I could see that it was snow melt causing the roof damage. I had not noticed any snow when I was outside looking at the house, and even in the dream, I thought this was quite odd.

As I proceeded through the home, I mentioned my concerns to one of the men there who resembled Brad Pitt, and he just smirked and walked away unconcerned.

The next set of rooms had beautiful carved ceilings and walls such as done by European craftsmen centuries ago. The ceilings were bulging and looking like they were about to burst, and some wall damage had occurred. I moved on to the kitchen, which had tile floors and lovely glass windows, and the damage there was minimal, although I could see holes forming in the ceiling.

The doorbell then rang, and I ran back through the rooms to answer it. The house seemed to be about half a football field in length, and I was concerned the visitor would turn away before I was able to open the door. I was anxious as I was already expecting an insurance adjustor to help inspect and estimate the required repairs.
The avalanche that buried a luxury hotel in Italy reminds me of the dream:
Well, water is a form of snow. That is such a sad story about the hotel.

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