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FULFILLED - PREDICTION: January - Melbourne Building Smoke
Intention: to dream of a major news event in January

I was looking towards a city with many small and medium height buildings. I could see roiling clouds of dark smoke above the buildings although I did not see flames. I thought I was safe where I was at, so I stayed there and continued to watch, curious as to the cause.  The wind picked up and the smoke began to blow my way, and the smoke engulfed another building. Then the smoke clouds began to turn green, which I thought was quite odd. Someone said the building had cans of paint in it, and the chemicals of the paint were turning the clouds green.  I could see people at the building windows, and some began to jump from just a few stories up. They seemed to be jumping into small containers or pools of liquid to break their fall.

I then woke up and intended to find out where and when.

The name Melbourne came to me, but I don't recall any more details on the when.
I searched 'Melbourne', and there is one in Australia and one in Florida.

This was posted March 2015.

This outfit in Melbourne, Florida.
Thanks, Sheriann, for researching this!

Reading that Melbourne is experiencing extremely dry hot weather, so additional fires are possible.

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