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1/11/17 A Class of Hope
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For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Hmmm, botrun posted twice today.

Now, could just be a glitch. Or, maybe there is a reason and we're supposed to be paying attention to something here.
Profile kitchen missed makes me think of the dream I posted.

Lots of dragon references in the runs lately.
First time posting here. Quietly look every day. Thoughts jumped out at me when I read yesterday and decided to come back and post.

racing minutes until unknown american coming (until unknown American coming are all together in run)-- makes me feel like someone American relatively unknown to most people is about to do/be something huge.

Also on Dragon references... lots of psychics recently have been picking up on something happening to Queen Elizabeth. I personally associate dragons with castles and fairy tales (Queens live in castles...). Some Googling has pulled a connection between Elizabeth's family and the Dragon (it was a symbol at her coronation and is on some money with her) as well. Perhaps the Dragon dreams have something to do with her?

On another note- we got two yesterday but none today?
Welcome Dreambot and thanks for your thoughts on the run.

Not sure why there wasn't a run today, sometimes the program doesn't behave.
unknown american coming dove - I would like to think that this is saying an American we really don't know yet will be bringing peace.  Where they will bring peace is also unknown. I look forward to this botrun happening. Also, in politics, “Doves” try to resolve international conflicts without the threat of force. So, perhaps we will see a US political dove emerge during what appears to be an upcoming hawkish Trump presidency.

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