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Person's Health Determined by Tongue Evaluation
I was at work in a downtown building, anxiously watching the clock. I had a job interview and had to be there by 1:30. I was planning on taking the bus there, and figured it was a 10 minute ride. I left and caught the bus. As I entered the building I was jostled a bit by a man, who apologized. We took the elevator together and we both made our way to the same office. Turns out we were both interviewing.

The waiting area to the interview had 20-30 chairs, many occupied. Before we were seated, he was called in. A few minutes passed, and a slim blonde haired man called my name, all the while shaking his head in amazement. He was talking with another of his colleagues, and they said the man they had just interviewed examined the tongue of one of the woman and declared that she had previously broken her back. She was surprised, as she was just talking with her mother that morning about her achy back. He looked at her tongue again, and said, wait, no, that's not it, she was pregnant and the baby was going to be big. That was good news to her, and somehow she confirmed he was right. Everyone in the employment department was excited about finding him, and immediately made him a job offer. My sense is that this was some type of investigative job, perhaps with the police although the office did not seem to be associated with the police.

So I confidently went in for my interview, not at all concerned about my skills compared to the tongue prognosticator. I was asked to complete a drawing. I reached into my bag and pulled out a small tightly woven seagrass basket with a lid. I opened the basket; inside were several flat tightly woven seagrass shapes, such as a rectangle, a triangle and so on. I removed the shapes and ran my fingers over them, somehow they helped me with my drawing.

My dream ended there, but I was left with the feeling that I also received a job offer.
I think the essence of the dream was the ability of the man to determine one's medical condition by just evaluating one's tongue.
Wow Iris, that would certainly be better than an MRI! And even though you had thought it had to do with police work, I'm wondering if there is something brand new medical coming down the pike. They have been able to train golden retrievers (and I think other scent tracking dogs) with being able to sniff out cancer.
My thought as well, GG. Wondering if the 1:30 time might correspond to 1/30, January 30.
An acupuncture doctor evaluates your health first by looking at your tongue, at least the ones I am familiar with do. Of course, not like this gentlemen in your dream, but they can detect many illnesses and maladies by looking at the tongue.
Iris, not a diagnosis by a tongue evaluation, but close - a breathalyzer!

A Simple, Accurate Medical Test for Many Diseases Might be Just a Breath Away

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