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Deceased brother dream, 1/17/17
This is a personal dream and I am posting it because I've been to this place multiple times in dreams and see people who have passed on. So I'm trying to figure out just where this is. Could it be an alternate reality or Heaven or a waiting place people go before Heaven? For the purpose of telling this dream I will refer to the mother as Lilly and the daughter as Cynthia.

Start of Dream: I find myself in a huge room that looks like a warehouse with shelving and items on the shelves. People are working and walking between the isles. They are holding clip boards like they are taking inventory. I see a table and chairs near the door and see two women, a mother and daughter sitting at the table. They are waiting for me to arrive so I can hear a complaint they have about someone that works here. I walk up to the table and sit in a chair at the end of the table.

As soon as I sit down Lilly (she has dark short curly hair) starts complaining about a man that Cynthia (she has long blonde straight hair) is friends with. Lilly says, "look there he is" and she points to a man near one of the shelves. I see that he is my brother. I stood up, looked at Lilly and said, "you mean that man right there, that one?" She said, "Yes that's him and I don't like him talking with my daughter". I looked at Lilly again and checked her Spirit and didn't like what I was seeing. I told Lilly, "that man is brother, so there is no way he would be causing trouble. I suggest that you leave, NOW!" Lilly looked angry like a person who was caught in a lie and wasn't going to get her way. She walked away, looking back at me like this wasn't over.

Cynthia started to say something and I said, "quiet" and she stopped talking. I motioned for my brother to come over to us and he did. We had a very emotional Spirit hug since we are not allowed to physically touch. Cynthia started to say something. I told her, "do not speak" and she stopped talking. I told her, "my brother and I are of the same blood line and you are not. You do not understand that you have no right to speak in our presence or even be near us. I know what your mother said about him is not possible because our blood line is not capable of mischief. I don't know why your mother wants to start trouble".

We all stood up and walked to a nearby door. Cynthia walked through the door first and then my brother. He stopped and turned to me smiling. I told him, "I was in Cynthia's presence long enough to see she has a good Spirit even if she is not of the blood line." He said, "yes that's why I like talking with her". I replied, "we will keep an eye on her mother". He smiled again and gave me a Spirit hug. I said, "don't forget how much we love you". He walked through the door smiling. End of Dream.
Wow Julie, what a dream. Did you get the feeling that you were really communicating with your brother? The way you told it makes it seem more like the very first time I had a dream about my dad when he passed. I was lucid, but not in the way that I thought it was entirely dreamscape coming from my own mind. The surroundings were conceptual/mindscape stuff, but it was created by thought and externalized in a way. (It's very hard to explain. Everything was really bright and clear, not like a dream at all).
Hey GG - I've been to this place in the past when I've dreamed of other people that have passed on. I had a friend that passed away and have seen her 3 times in this place. When I tried to talk with her once, she said, "you know we're not supposed to talk with each other". She was in a different room from this warehouse setting I saw the other night. But, it was the same place. In this recent dream I felt like I was on an assignment and the reason I was sent there was because my brother was involved. He always looks the same which is perfect and his Spirit is shinning bright and happy. So was this person really my deceased brother? I can't say for certain that it was him or my dreaming of him.
But it really felt like it was him?

The reason I ask is when I saw my dad, there was no doubt in my SOUL that it was him. I knew that HE knew that I regretted not being able to say goodbye, that it WASN'T goodbye at all, and he infused me with love. All in a second. And to this day I don't doubt it for a minute.

But I didn't ever go there again. And he has appeared in my dreams, but never in that way again. I was bowled over by the strength of it all, and it's probably not good to experience that all the time. But it removed all my doubts about the connection.

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