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Repetitive Subject
I have moved from city to rural life as of mid-August 2016. Out of roughly 5 months, I've had this topic once a month. I have had the same, extremely vivid, dream subject of a super-volcano or an unrecognized volcano caldera location erupting. Sometimes I see it in the beginning stages and other times I am simply in the path of the effects (strong winds/gas waves). But it's not expected or known to be a location with volcanic activity. These dreams are not preceded with tv, games, or books on this subject, nor do I watch reality/documentary. I don't even have cable services. So I've no idea where this is coming from. I'll post on this again if it comes up in February.

UPDATE: I'm just now getting to this, sorry. Saturday, 1-21-17 woke up from another dream about this at 3:07 am; This makes #5. This time, it is nighttime, I and 3 other adults are in my old jeep driving on an entry road going down towards a small lake. The drop into this is (I'm guessing) a couple of hundred feet maybe. It used to be a high traffic tourist spot until the waters got too warm and shallow, and it was shut down. So the docks and few buildings located there were dilapidated. As we drove downward, the road had apparently liquefied (hot) and I remember thinking to myself that I wondered if the tired could even take that?! Then the jeep started sliding sideways towards the small, shallow lake. The jeep was stopped by some boulders that had come down at some point in a landslide. We get out and stand on the docks, all of us trying to get a signal with our cell phones but this place is somewhat of a dead zone. I finally get one and call 911 and get connected to someone at the local DNR. He, apparently, doesn't want to come out and get us and tells me we should wait it out till daylight. The reasoning behind his request was partly laziness and partly fear. Seems this lake has had interesting animal mutations crop up and he didn't want to encounter them. So we wait. End of dream.

Goldengirl, I honestly hadn't thought to write this down on a calendar, so I'm not sure. I note the time if I remember to look at the clock though.
Hi Silvermitt, does it happen around the same time every month? That might point to a time of month, if this does come to pass.

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