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1/19/2017 9:42am Coming Full Circle
I am going through my computer and email and I am adding all of my new leads, which turns out these are all leads that contacted me last year but the leads never became clients. This year they are all signing up for services as if the timing wasn't right to have these clients. Now the universe is ready for me to be productive. I saw this happening on two different plains of existance at the same time, once in our physical reality looking at my computer, and the other plain was in space/time/light, and both were converging at the same point.

NOTE: This dream really is a mirror of my life right now, my entire life was put on hold for the past year. Finally, things are getting back to normal. I am back in my old apartment (That one is a really long story) I just moved out of my office. Clients I canceled contracts on last year in 2016 & 2015 are coming back this year for services, so the dream is more day residue of my current life.

In the dream, however, there was a "seeing" or mental picture that I could see the energy that is everywhere and I could see that the direction that the energy took went away from me, and now is coming back to me, in the form of light rays.

Wow, that makes it more confusing...

Picture walking in and out of the colors of light within a rainbow. That's how I saw the universal energy.

Another way to describe this is the time slip. For a whole year, I slipped into another dimension where things were drastically different, and this year I slipped back with ease back into my old dimension, and I didn't miss a beat.

[Image: ff4a0-10787996_788918121146947_693795977...200&crop=1]
First, are you telling us you are actually in your old apartment or was that part of a dream? Cuz if you are...just wow!
Secondly, I actually get the walking in a rainbow thing. My eldest could see peoples aura easily, but she could also see rainbow footsteps where they had walked. That one perplexed her a bit for awhile. I would love to hear about your time slip sometime.
I am actually in my old apartment.... CRAZY Stuff I tell you!
That is crazy. But really nice to hear. So glad you back there, what a blessing.
(01-19-2017, 11:09 PM)Windy Wrote: I am actually in my old apartment.... CRAZY Stuff I tell you!

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