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1/27/2017 3:40pm Drunk Driving
I am driving home in my minivan (I don't own a minivan in waking life) My cat is in "his" carrier in the back seat. The grated kennel door is poking through between the driver seat and the passenger seat. I am drunk, and I know I should not be driving. I am driving down a county road. I fall asleep.

I wake up in my house, which is a country cottage styled farm house. (I do not live in this styled house in waking life) There is something that keeps trying to grab my cat, some kind of shadow figure and drag "her" down into the basement. I am fighting to keep this dark shadow away from my kitty. Just as I grab her and notice she is all wet, I hear bubbles as if they are coming from under water.

OMG I AM DRIVING! I wake up with a start; it takes me a moment to figure out what is happening. I am in the van which is sinking down into the water, I grasp for air and I go under to pull the carrier out. I can not make it budge, it is lodged in here. I go up for air again and very quickly the car sinks to the bottom. I make it out alive but now I am terribly torn up about my cat.

Upon waking I get a flash of my cat once more but he is swollen, his lips look like a fishes lips. (as if I saw him when the car was pulled up by a tow truck)

I began to cry, found my new cat and began to cuddle him!

NOTES: my cat is a male in the drunk dream state he was a female. Odd.

Is that your kitty? Handsome boy!

One of my kitties has eyes like that, she's a calico, and "talks" all time. We carry on the most interesting conversations... Big Grin
Yes GG this is my new kitten.
Is your kitty adopted? Maybe this happened to his mom, and that's why you were seeing him as a female in the dream.

We rescued my calico when some kids left her behind to starve in a house they were renting from us. She was a year old, only 6 or so pounds, covered in fleas and stuck in heat. They left her with no water and a Ritz cracker in her food bowl. And she was clumsy and her fur was thin from being malnourished.

But that's the past and now she is a beautiful cat. She's the perfect weight, her fur is a thick medium length. We also call her the acro-cat, as she is very athletic now. And she's what I call a carrying cat. I can stick her to my shoulder and she rides along, chattering at me.

She is a most unusual cat, and we are lucky to have her in our lives. Smile
I adopted a liter of 5 kittens from a local no kill shelter, the kittens came without a mother and I had to bottle feed them. We found homes for all but my happy little guy. I see what you are saying it makes sense, he is almost 7 months old now... surprised i didn't have a dream like this previously if that was the case. Interesting point though, thank you.
Adopting 5 kittens, bottle feeding them and finding them homes?! Wow. Good there are people like you in this world.

Makes me feel all happy inside, too many stories about abuse, good to hear the positive! Big Grin

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