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Church wants to control healing
Dreamt I was helping a group of people get a large auditorium ready for a large group healing.  There were multiple levels of seating, almost an arena setting.  Multiple people were experienced in receiving/providing healing.  It was planned that people would come forward to have a healer put their hands on their head and bless/heal them.  But then an older, overweight priest wanted to lead the healing service.  So we waited for him to arrive.  Meanwhile, the auditorium filled up.  The priest wanted to be the only one to give the healings, with a short sermon/talk beforehand.  He was open to, maybe, one other person helping him.  I objected – wanted to tell everyone to turn and bless each other.  We did not need priest to heal us.

I was struck with the sense that the church had finally, at this late date, decided to provide ‘energy healing’, that it wanted to be involved in hands-on healing – but with the same old paradigm of being the one in control/authority.   
Thanks for posting this Maat. Gives me the chills, as it sounds real, and I wouldn't doubt it one bit.

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