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Who am I?
This was the tail end of a much larger traveling dream, that blew away with the radio.

I'm searching for a woman's restroom in a food court setting, and all I see is the Family restroom, so I go inside. Waiting outside the stalls are a young woman and man, and she is holding a baby. As I walk past them the man shouts out at me "Hey, you don't belong in here!" It startles me a bit, and I leave. I'm walking around the food court, and see the Men's room. Someone behind me says they've done away with the women's room, there isn't one anymore. I think to myself, well crap, I'm going back to the Family restroom, where there is now a long line of women going in. I start feeling kind of put out, and there is discussion around me about how we count, even if we don't have kids. Two very big guys join the line in the back, and I'm thinking this has gotten weird. Why aren't they in the line for the men's room? I'm feeling uneasy, and not entirely safe anymore.

Like I said at the start, this was the tail end of a much larger traveling dream. Had it by the tail, and then my waking mind said, oh no you DON'T! Well, hopefully some scrap will present itself during the day and allow me to remember it again.
Hey GG! I think perhaps you may have picked up on this, the most recent "bathroom" bill. There have been may recently, but this happened today.
I dream about the weirdest stuff! Big Grin

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