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2/21/17 A Kitchen Hanging
Trending: hanging mon yeah kitchen words row busy color sex girl base nearby jumping guess anonymous woman floating tab balcony river lord spot death search ajax tank buy hour init rats
Waning: leaving lunch lucidity sat could got gun view elegant fly similar up same baby train yesterday dream wed mantra class

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sex girl base nearby jumping guess anonymous woman floating
My guess would be another disclosure  by anonymous, this time about sex, perhaps underage sex or sex slaves.  The last time when (a few weeks ago) anonymous was mention we had a hit in the news.  Perhaps instead of the group, more anonymous disclosures from government/White House workers will be coming.
We seem to be having a run of restaurant and kitchen references lately.  Something must be happening soon on that front.
More flying words as fly and gun are near each which may indicate a hijacking.
The restaurant references could be about the Mar-A-Lago country club and restaurant in Miami. Would also work with the beach and golf references from the last few days.

Former Team USA gymnasts describe doctor’s alleged sexual abuse

Apparently some of the abuse took place at the Karolyi Ranch in Texas where the girls train.

I've seen stories breaking back in December, but the 60 Minutes expose just aired.
Wow, GG! Nice hit! But yuck on the actual news.

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