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Mountain lake becoming like a ocean
This morning I had a dream. My family and I were moving into a new home, which was anything but new. There had been several buildings here which now lay in ruins. We were moving into the last standing building, which was in disrepair. I knew it would take alot of work to fix but was undaunted and actually quite up to the challenge. As I took in the surroundings it seemed to have once been a thriving resort. On the forested floor, nestled in the pine needles lay a beautifully hand-painted sign which read "The Cottages", in calligraphy style, writing was cream colored, off white. The remaining building was built in swiss chalet style, really more like a large cabin then cottage though the planks were flat. Many rooms...I take in the surroundings...mountains, forest, really beautiful...there is a lake about a stones throw away...suddenly there is alot of traffic...people are coming to watch the is! Orders to evacuate! The lake is becoming more like a ocean, fast! Officials are talking about a volcanic fissure becoming hot, active...panic and pandamonium follows as there may not be time to get off the mountain. End of dream.
Any idea where this happened Maysea? Thanks for posting.
(02-23-2017, 04:57 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: Any idea where this happened Maysea?  Thanks for posting.

Not sure where...I get a West Coast impression though.
And once again a rising water connection. Although this is the first that possibly shows the trigger, in your dream the volcanic fissure.
Oddly this dream and others regarding catastrophic earth changes have been heavy on my mind since the July 4th ,2019 ChinaLake Eq. I feel a kind of panick as if perhaps the aforementioned eq was the first domino falling. These dreams have a new layer, ICE...and lots of it!
Maysea - Thanks for posting. Having the same feeling.

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