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Prediction Violent Tornadoes Eastern North Carolina
Dream of February 26, 2017.    I am standing outside on the back  deck of a nice home in a nice neighborhood in North Carolina in USA.  There are several people gathered, friends and family.  Then at one point we look up and see a huge twister/tornado coming toward us creating a path of destruction as it plows through.  There are also three smaller tornadoes that have branched off from this bigger one and they are dangerous also.   All of us know that we better try to get to safety.  I think of pets that will be hurt.  I think how this storm is coming down from the north.  I also think to myself that Raleigh, NC is to the west of me and that this storm seems to be more in the eastern part of NC.  One of the people on the deck resides in Ayden, NC and I think that maybe that is the path the storm will take.  
Nice attention to the details Ridley!
I am submitting a follow-up to this dream I posted almost a year ago.  I hope readers will find it a bit interesting.  When I look back at the original dream I realize that yes it is good to give details but sometimes I feel I need to step back and also view the bigger picture.  What was this dream revealing to me?  I knew that it was one of the 'intense' ones that I have that often project to future events.  I think this dream was a warning of the huge destructive storms set to come later in 2017.  I have grown to realize that the tornado symbol in my dreams refers to a big storm not just a tornado.  I think this is because as a child I would always confuse tornadoes and hurricanes. I feel that I should have seen that the eastern direction in the dream could refer to Atlantic Hurricanes.  Anyway looking back of course in hindsight I feel this dream was a foreseeing of the horrific Hurricanes...Harvey and Irma and Maria that struck the USA causing huge destruction and many deaths. Also interesting to me is that the person that I speak of at the end of the dream that is on the deck and from Ayden.. this person is my cousin and her connection to me is through her father whose  name is Harvey.

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