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Sky full of military aircraft
This is a dream from June 26, 2017.  In this dream I am with a small group of men approx. 3 or 4 of us.  At first we are inside of a large brick ranch style house.  The house seems to be located in the countryside up on a hill or rise.  It is a sunny bright warm clear day.  At one point we are all outside in front of the house at the bottom of the hill.  There is a big green grassy lawn around us.  One of the men reminds me of a man I know{initials S.M.}.  We look up into the sky through and above tree tops.  The sky is filled with military aircraft--helicopters, planes as much as many as  the sky can support.  It is alarming and scary.  We take off walking and hiking.  I think about the shoes I am wearing and I worry about getting home.  Then later, I am in the company of two aliens, as in from another country or ?      The men are wearing brown burlap sacks, gunny sacks and they have white paper plates attached to their heads to block what they really look like.  
A quick update to my original post.  I believe now that the small group of men that I am with or observing is actually President Donald Trump and at least one of his sons.   The SM in my dream resembles Trump a bit but also the M stands for Miller.  I learned today for the first time that in years past Mr. Trump would call media outlets pretending to be a man named John Miller. a press agent or some sort of representative of Mr. Trump and he would sing the praises of Mr. Trump.  He barely disguised his voice so it is obvious that it is Mr. Trump. Basically it was a lie in action. I do not have any more thoughts on the location but it seems to be the countryside and is disturbing to see so much military air craft flying about.
This is another update on my original dream posting.  I feel certain that the dream I had was a preview of the events that unfolded  in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday August 12th, 2017.  On that date as you know there occurred violent clashes in Charlottesville during a white nationalist rally where one female counter protester was killed and several more were seriously hurt.  Also on that date two Virginia State Troopers died in a helicopter crash.  They had been assigned to keep a check on things at the rally from an aerial perspective. They crashed on a nearby golf course with part of the helicopter falling into the trees. In my dream I believe that the large brick house was representing the large country homes found in the Charlottesville area.  Also the big green grassy lawn represents the golf course.  In my dream I did see several helicopters and aircraft so this part is different unless it was emphasizing the role of the helicopter.  Also the men were troopers not military. The scene in Virginia that day was very chaotic and frightening and this part of my dream was also.  Also in my dream I am in the company of men who have their bodies and faces covered with sacks and paper plates.  This to me represents the KKK and groups like that who at least in the past would wear sheets and hoods to conceal themselves.  President Trump has received a tremendous amount of negative response to his first response to this event. Interesting to me is that in my dream he is also concealing himself by pretending to be this false person, Mr. Miller.  Also in my dream I mentioned gunnysacks, on many of the Confederate statues, especially Generals, they are carrying bags made from gunnysack/ burlap.
Sounds like a hit for your dream. Thanks for the update.

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