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Norway and the water mission
I decided perhaps I should post what I remember from a dream I had around July 28th because of today's bot run and the following words in the run:
ocean unusual mission lake unsure lunch task
I was in a boat, perhaps a sub, and I had been traveling for a period of time below deck. We were docking in an ocean/lake setting which looked similar to an Alaska shoreline. There were pine trees and mountains by the shore, large stones in the water and a blue/grey water with cloud cover. It was cold. As we docked, I was conscious of trying to blend in. I was in a foreign country and did not want others to know I was not a native. It seemed to be Norway, or somewhere like Norway. I had the feeling that I needed to do my best to not stand out. I felt that going home was just not an option,home was now dangerous, unlivable really. I felt in a way I was on a mission, and had no legal status to be here. I only comprehended a little of the language being spoken, but hoped that I could get to where I needed to go.

I felt something happened to my homeland, it had changed, perhaps environmentally and the government was in disarray.

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