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A personal dream
5 August 2017

Intention: To learn more about a pyramid I keep seeing during meditation sessions

On another planet, part of a colony run by the characters of Battlestar: Galactica, the latest version. Spouse and the kids are there, even though I don't see them. The kids are young again, about 10 and 7. Everything seems to be going fine. The colony is thriving and everyone has settled into this new home. There's lots of green. Very lush. There's an animal that looks like a big pig but with a pit bull's face. It's very friendly, always wanting to sit on laps-even as big as it is-and be skritched. One thing about this animal is it craps balls of colored yarn. I'm sitting on the ground and one animal comes over to be petted. As I skritch its ears, it drops a load of lavender balls of yarn. I make a note to tell some of the women about this because they gather up the yarn, clean it, and then knit/crochet clothing items with the yarn.

The scene jumps and I'm standing at a counter, talking with the three young men who are manning the counter. They are Galactica people, wearing BDU's. One of they young men starts hitting on me, which I find very funny. I tell him I have kids older than him. He thinks *that's* very funny.

Another jump. I hear my phone ringing but I can't find my purse. I know it's the spouse when it rings again and again as I'm scouring my living quarters for my darned purse. Then I discover there's something going on with my car, nothing that affects the driving but needs to be tended. I hunt for a mechanic but can't find anyone. Then, when I'm about ready to give up, I see a man working on another car. I talk to him about fixing my car.

Jump. Something has happened. Changed. The colony has to evacuate the planet ASAP. People are allowed to take only what they can carry. I need a quick shower, to change into clean clothing, but can't get into the bathroom because other people are in there. I have my clothes, all I need is a few minutes in the shower. The spouse comes in while I'm waiting. I ask about the kids. He says they're already on the ship and fine. I tell him I know he tried to call but I can't find my purse and now there's no time to hunt for it. Also tell him I'll be along as soon as I shower and change. He asks if there's enough time. I tell him he has no idea how fast I can move when really motivated. He leaves. Then the bathroom empties and I enter. Shower and dress in what I think is a t-shirt and jeans. Exit the bathroom and realize I'm wearing a solid black uniform, black boots, and black leather gloves. My hair is now short, when it had been shoulder length when I entered the bathroom. Yet this doesn't surprise me. In fact, I know it's my uniform, the one I wear when I'm working. I walk outside. The remaining people see me and freeze. Everyone is staring at me as I stride towards the ship. The BS:G people are there, waiting at the loading ramp. They see me and seem stunned. The person who played the president in the series, but who is governor of the colony here, says she had no idea I was here. I smile but don't stop. At the access ramp, people part to let me pass through. I hear their whispering but don't react. As I pass by Adama, he says, Thank the gods. We might make it now. I stop. Look at him. Say, There's no "might" about it. Then I continue into the ship.

Random stuff:

This was one of those dreams that seemed disjointed and nonsensical until I wrote it in my dream journal. At first it didn't seem to answer my intention. As I wrote it out, though, I realized, yes, it did answer but not in a way I expected.

This was also a very personal dream. I really didn't plan to post it but got told it was necessary to do so and here it is.

I've noted the fact I keep seeing military people in battle uniforms. This is, I think, the third dream in a row where military people in uniforms have appeared. That they're TV characters doesn't change that. Did make me laugh, though. Big Grin

When I was wearing that uniform, I carried myself with an air of confidence. Whatever that uniform represented, I knew it meant I was capable of dealing with whatever came at me, no matter how big or how bad whatever came might be. These people were under my protection and they knew it, which allowed them a sense of relief. Whatever was causing the colony to evacuate suddenly wasn't as terrible as they thought, simply because I was there. As I wrote, I kept thinking of the old Texas Ranger motto: One riot, one Ranger. No matter what was happening, I was enough to handle it on my own. And I knew this. I knew I had the skills, abilities, and training to do whatever I needed to do.

A purse holds a woman's identity and can often indicate the person herself. Not being able to find my purse and leaving it behind, well, that seems to indicate I'm about to leave my old life behind. The spouse trying to call me and then looking for me is the attempt to call me back to the old life. I was also given reassurance that my kids, both adults, are "on the ship and okay," something very important to me. The spouse will be with them as I do whatever it is I'm about to do.

Apparently I need a haircut, too...

Big Grin

Like I said, a very personal dream.
Being in uniform, being in the military or militia, is "service", and it is a Universal theme. Whatever is coming in the Future, we need to serve with whatever abilities we have.
Save me one of the pigs. I crochet and am looking for a new project. Big Grin
(08-07-2017, 07:04 PM)Goldengirl Wrote: Save me one of the pigs. I crochet and am looking for a new project. Big Grin

You could call it "craptastic crochet." Big Grin
With the pig, one is taking something crappy and making it good and useful.
I think you are prepared, for whatever is coming.
(08-07-2017, 11:47 PM)ThePaladin Wrote:
(08-07-2017, 07:04 PM)Goldengirl Wrote: Save me one of the pigs. I crochet and am looking for a new project. Big Grin

You could call it "craptastic crochet."  Big Grin

Oooo, I like that! Seriously, I was thinking what I could do when I'm recuperating, and it being summer, had completely forgot about crocheting! Thanks D!

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