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My deceased husband, sister-in-law, and dog
My dream last night or early this morning was as follows...

I am in a room with my deceased husband, my deceased sister-in-law, and my deceased dog. I was slightly confused in my mind because while I am dreaming I know that my husband, sister-in-law, and dog have passed but somehow they are here. I feel so very, very happy that they are here in this room with me.

My husband is rushing around cooking (he loved to cook in real life) and is just full of robust energy. I asked my sister-in-law if my husband was in heaven. She said yes and then proceeded to tell me "he will tell you if you ask him about it". In my mind I am also trying to figure out how he can have a body because he was cremated so that confused me as well.

The dream had a blur like feeling to it--like a lot of energy swirling around and every time I tried to get physically close to/next to my husband he was swirling around somewhere else. I was finally able to slow him down for one millisecond and say to him "we have to talk" but then all of a sudden he was off somewhere else. I think I wanted to talk to ask him about heaven.

I then awoke from my dream. I haven't had a dream about my deceased husband lately and am thankful that if this is/was more than a dream that he came to me. The one downfall is that as soon as I am out of the dream state (in which I was so happy) I am now feeling blue because he physically isn't here with me on this earth. My husband has been gone almost three years now. I never interacted with my deceased dog who, just like my husband,  I loved very much. She passed four days after my husband died.

One thing that I don't know too much about is that feeling like your brain is in two places at once. You are in a dream and yet it feels like your brain is trying to make sense of the dream by being logical. For example, I was questioning how my husband had a body in my dream because I knew he had been cremated. It almost feels like one side of your brain is having the dream (you're in one state) and the other part of your brain (the logical part) is in real time trying to make sense of it all. This type of dream really stands out to me because I often don't dream like that. If anyone could shed any light on this type of dreaming, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Yes, sometimes I have days when its difficult to fully integrate back into my physical self. It usually takes hours. Wish I knew the hows and whys of it all.

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