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Dilapidated house
7 Sept 2017

I'm in a house on an island. I know it's my parents' house even though my parents don't make an appearance in the dream. The house is large, almost a mansion, decorated as though it were the 70's(one room has flocked wallpaper for pity's sake...and it's peeling off the walls) and it is in very poor condition. I'm wandering through the rooms, assessing what needs to be done and constantly shaking my head. I know my parents told me they got a great deal on the house but considering the amount of work that needs to be done-total gut at the least, total teardown at the most-this house isn't a deal at all.

The house has an outdoor swimming pool, which seems to catch my eye. It's right outside what I would term the family room, just off the covered patio. I don't need to go outside to see the pool is still filled with water, which is green and nasty, and filled with all sorts of debris. Cleaning up that mess would take more effort than it would be worth and my parents don't swim anyway. Besides, there's a beach about 100 yards in the distance. I decide tearing out the pool and putting in a garden would be more cost effective.

I turn around and there's a man standing next to me. He asks me what I think. I tell him I think the pool needs to go away. He nods but says he meant the house in general. I tell him I think my parents made yet another disastrous financial decision and they expect me to fix it for them. He asks me if that surprises me. Alas, no. Same as it ever was, I tell him. He asks if I'm going to help them. I shrug, tell him I have other things to do than to keep cleaning up after them. In the meantime, I add, it's time for football. He laughs. We go to another room in the house, one that has furniture and one of those honking big console TVs that used to be so popular. The room is filled with people, there's a table with snacks and drinks, and the TV is tuned to the season opener of football. I grab some snacks and a drink, find a chair, and settle in just in time for the kickoff.

Random notes:

I wonder if I saw some destruction from the latest hurricane? Not so much the interior of the house, but the swimming pool and the fact the house was on an island leads me to wonder.

And the whole football thing, well, football starts tonight and that whole section of the dream was likely day residue(Everyone who knows me well knows I'm useless on Sundays during football season. Big Grin) . What was funny was how the whole setup held to the decor of the house.

As for the part about my parents, let's just say we had a complicated dynamic. Tongue
Interesting. I wonder about the decor, perhaps a comparison of hurricanes form that time time vs. today?
Or perhaps something relating more to your family.
Thanks for sharing.
It's funny. As I think about your comment about the decor, I realized that whenever I dream of my parents, it's always in a setting with schlocky 70's decor. My mother was, to put it nicely, style- and taste-challenged. Another realization is the houses are always in disrepair. I remember a dream from years ago when they put me in a room that had only two walls standing and no ceiling. All the furniture was there, though. If I have to live in a disaster, I do want my creature comforts. Big Grin
Wasn't all decor in the 70s schlocky? Whoever dreamed up the avocado green appliances? Nightmare! Big Grin

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