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Earth Vein Travel
So, I've been without internet for roughly a month and had a handful of odd dreams. I remember some of this one because it was just so weird and I remember the night was August 21st because it was just before the eclipse. Anyway, in this dream I was with a very small group of people. I think we had each lost something or someone very dear to us and that was how we came to meet each other. We had all been wandering and met in front of this MASSIVE tree that looked as if it may be dying. (There were few leaves and what was there was purple... in fact the whole tree had a purple tint to it, oddly...) When we met in front of this tree, even though we had never met before in person, we were not strangers. We had somehow gotten to know each other along the way without even talking. We all decided to make this new tree our home. It was surrounded by forests, but they seemed strange for some reason. I couldn't put my finger on exactly why. They were just different than the forests I had seen before. The area around the giant tree was bare and by just looking at it, it would LOOK dead, but it felt very much alive. As we worked to build livable houses on and around the big tree, I and a few others noticed our group growing smaller and smaller. Soon there were only three of us left or so and we got a bit worried that some of us were going into the forest and getting lost. We decided to plan out a search when we noticed a couple of the missing walking back. We ran to them to find out what had happened... they told us they had been traveling some sort of veins in the earth... which just sounded so weird. So, they explained they had followed these veins and had gotten lost in the universe and was somehow guided back and I thought this sounded like the craziest thing I had ever heard. I was ready to believe that they were hit head on with a type of crazy I was not familiar with and was going to walk away when they begged me to some see the entity that had guided them. Well... for some reason that caught my attention. I ended up following them a very short way from the tree in part of the "dead" circle around it. I waited a while and sure enough some sort of entity materialized in front of us. I don't have the words to describe this entity. It wasn't shaped like a man, but it also was. It wasn't a beast but it also kinda was... which DOES sound nuts but it both was and wasn't. The closest color I can describe it as is maybe a deep blue and purple, but also a color I've never seen before which is almost impossible to describe also. Anyway... I've SEEN some things in dreams, and THIS is now definitely top of the list one of the weirdest things/ entities I have ever seen! I don't recall it giving me a name. It was kind and talkative but I can't remember much of what it said. It seemed to have a sense of humor but for the most part was pretty serious. It did teach us how to travel the earth veins... So, in this dream, you could travel the veins by following until you were absorbed into them... or thats the best way I know how to describe it. It was like, you follow this energy for so long and just sorta become part of it and move inside of it. So... we started off by following this entity who promised us we would find the things or people we lost if we did. We had to chase him through this forest and follow his every move EXACTLY and follow closely behind, which was hard because he was going fast and zig-zagging all over. If you didn't follow perfectly, you would be left behind, have to start all over again... or in the worst case, lost forever. I noticed before long that I was the only one following behind him... but we weren't surrounded by woods anymore, we were traveling fast down tunnels with lights blurring as they flew beside us. Then we came to an abrupt stop. We were in the middle of outer space. "The center of all things" as the entity said to me. He talked to me for a while in this place and had said something along the lines of us having not only traveled through earth or our "universe" but separate dimensions all together. Here... I was in outer-space just looking at it. I could swim through it almost exactly like you swim through water but without the need of air. It was amazing. It was BEAUTIFUL... By learning to travel this way you could visit so many places. All with different rules and things to see... but the entity also warned that you could be lost forever also and so it was very important to be careful. For some reason, traveling this way made me think of the old video games... before the game (or even during in some games) you could cheat or travel to other levels by pressing buttons in a specific order. But, it was a pain to remember the order. ( I never could anyway...) I don't know if he read my mind or what, but the entity sort of chuckled and said that it was indeed hard to remember and that it was even harder when you couldn't see these "veins" the way he did, and that is why portals were made to simplify things... then he mentioned the Bermuda triangle, a something forest and the pyramids. This blew my mind and I woke up.
WOW! What a dream Elise! You described it beautifully as well. There seem to be many messages in it as well. Thank you for sharing!

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