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3x Beans, Alligator Baby and No Reflection
So this dream was really freakin' weird. The earliest I could remember in the dream I was tidying up a home. My home. A small cottage. It was pretty modest and neat on the inside. I was cleaning sheets then later went to beat a rug on the back porch. I was surrounded by woods and felt at peace. Shortly after finishing, I went inside to get a drink of water and there was a knock on the door. It was an Asian facebook 'friend' of mine. This guy had asked me out before but did it in such a way it just really creeped me out (He was super into telling me how wonderful his bed was...) ... and he was coming onto me pretty strong again in the dream, so I asked him to leave, but he said that there was no where for him to go and it was getting kinda late so I let him stay. Since I had just washed sheets and stuff I made him a bed on the floor in a closet and went off to do other chores. He followed me around, continuing to come on to me. When it got dark I was honestly too frightened to sleep so I just tried to keep myself busy until morning when I could ask him to leave. It felt like it took forever, but morning finally came and I managed to get him to leave.

While I was outside I saw a package on the porch. A long rectangular box... probably 3-4 feet tall, 1-11/2 feet wide and maybe 6-8 inches deep. (My best guess anyway) I went inside and opened the box. It was full of different sorts of beans. These beans were MUCH larger than they should have been... either that or some sort of beans I've never seen before. In the dream we were SO hungry that I began cutting up the RAW beans and dividing then between my children. The first was a giant black bean probably the size of my fist. I thought about cooking it for just a second, but everyone was so hungry we just didn't have the patience. As I went through the box, I felt like this was some sort of government assistance or a ration. While the kids were busy eating, I thought to myself that while we were hungry, the best use for these beans would be to plant them and grow our own food to be a little more self-sufficient. In the dream, I felt like not many people would do this and gave some thought to what might happen if people found out I was growing food myself.

There were three layers to this box and everything was lined and wrapped like you would expect fine chocolates to be. I removed the top layer of the box to see what else was inside and what I found was a baby alligator. This baby alligator had a round head and was very strange looking. I wondered why anyone would send this and the only reason I could imagine was that it was meant to be eaten? Maybe it was some sort of meat supplement? I mean, I guess some people down south like to eat alligator, but there was no way I was going to be able to kill and eat a baby anything... so I carefully picked it up and put it in a basket with a clean towel in it then started sorting through the beans again.

I could hear my kids playing with the alligator and could tell they were teasing it... and while I am not fond of alligators, I'm even less fond of people being ugly to animals, so I shooed the kids away and saw that they had filled the alligators mouth with toys. Mostly mega bloks. I used a stick or handle to carefully get the toys out of it's mouth. It never snapped and mostly just sat there with a sad look on its face and mouth wide open... but I still didn't want to risk being bitten or losing a finger. When I had finished getting the toys out of its mouth, I looked to see that the alligator's body had changed shape into a baby's body. So... a greenish, scaly infant body with rounded alligator face. I was pretty creeped out by this... but it WAS a baby. It felt wrong, now, to just leave it lying in a basket, so I picked it up and rested its head on my shoulder while I walked around with it. I soon sat back down on the bed to sort through the beans again. I needed to plant some and I needed to feed the children... now to include this weird baby alligator infant. The magic number was three. Any bean that I had multiples of, I kept three to plant outside and the rest I could feed to the children. Some there were only one of and I had a hard time deciding if they should be planted or eaten. I still had one more layer to my box, so I removed the cardboard that had separated the gator from the last layer and found that the last layer were stalks of corn. Not full stalks, but cut stalks with one or more ears of corn on it. I was pretty happy to see this and it seemed like a godsend. I would take three stalks and plant them. I would dry out the corn from any of the ears on these three stalks and plant at least one stalks worth now (Hundreds of seeds) and use the seeds from the others for the next two years. In other words, I would be set for corn for three years in the dream. (For whatever reason, it didn't dawn on me that I would be set for corn indefinitely with careful planning.)

When I had finished going through the box I saw a document. I can't remember if it was on the computer or a piece of paper, but there was a form I had filled out to receive this aid. As any form, my address and name were there along with other information, but on the top right hand corner of the page there were these 'options' for things that I wanted in life. There was wealth, happiness, love... pretty generic answers that one would give. I had checked one that said "to be surrounded by infants". Then things sort of made sense. This alligator was an infant sent to me. I guess I had asked for it. I looked at it again, and it was beginning to look more like a normal child. The scales were fading a bit and the face was becoming more normal. I even started to feel a stronger bond with it like it was MY baby and developing deep feelings of love.

I decided I should probably at least swaddle this baby and got up to find a cozy baby blanket. There was a sort of fancy cabinet or something I walked by. The doors were wide open and there was a mirror inside. As I walked by the mirror I caught out of the corner of my eye the baby floating by the mirror. I HAD NO REFLECTION! I started to freak out pretty bad. I mean... the only thing I could think of with no reflection is a vampire and thats not a good thing. I moved the baby all around watching it float while I had no reflection... and was terribly upset. I wasn't even sure who to talk to about this. I mean, who would believe it first off... and THEN its certainly not a good thing to have to tell someone! (or so it seemed in the dream). Somehow my brother came into this, but I don't remember how exactly or what happened there... just that he didn't stay long and was ok in the dream. I walked by another mirror and saw my reflection and thought... "Oh good, Im back to normal" but then walked by the fancy cabinet mirror again and THIS time, I was a transparent, gray shadow. The baby at this point looked pretty normal minus its mouth being very long across its face... but I was a shadow. I turned in every direction and spun around. I was a shadow from every angle... and I wondered a bit if this was the baby's doing. Even if it was, it was only a baby. I decided that IF it had anything to do with it, it probably had no control over it. If it WASN'T the baby, maybe it was this weird mirror... and if so how did I go from no reflection to being a shadow?! I decided that I would have to think about it for a while because I didn't want to make any rash decisions. Anyway, I had important things to do outside.

Now, I can't remember all of what was going on outside or why... I had put the baby (which is now a full, normal baby boy looking to be around a year old) into a high chair. I had given this child a long stick with lots of short sticks fastened at the top coming out from the end making a ball. I started sharpening these smaller sticks at the end. I had thought for a minute that this is dangerous and not something that a baby should have, but it seemed important and like the baby would need this. I was only able to sharpen the one stick coming right out of the top of the ball, though. It was probably part of the longer stick or staff anyway. There was a man with me now and all of the children. I had two mounds in front of me that were meant to be bon fires. One was smaller, to the left and we would light it first. The other was at least 2 or 3 times bigger and had a structure built around it. It looked a bit like a cage around it. (For lack of a better word). For whatever reason, it was important to light these. I made sure everyone was far enough away to keep them from being harmed, then lit the first. The kids were all laughing and playing, but to me this seemed like a serious deal. It was dusk and I had to wait until nightfall to light the other, but I woke up before it was time.

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