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Radiation Contest
20170919-Dream-05:30 AM PDST
Radiation Contest

I dreamed I was in the Oval Office of the White House. We are watching TV. There is a young Korean actress on a Korean TV station, captions in English and Korean. The host of the show is telling the audience that radiation is really not that bad. The young woman, a popular actress, will receive 500 [units] of radiation live on TV for US $100,000.00. The audience has questions.

President Trump is on the phone. He is trying to get the show stopped, but he can’t get through to anyone. He keeps trying.

The actress steps in front of a target. The host pulls down a large handle. There is a loud humming sound, and a screen behind the actess glows brightly. She stays in the beam for a minute, turning to the left and the right, waving and smiling brightly.

The beam is turned off. “See? No harmful effects at all,” she tells the audience. She receives the check and walks off the stage. The President hangs up the phone.

The TV show seemed to be airing in South Korea. The radiation demo was meant to reassure South Koreans that, even if the North set off a nuclear weapon, the resulting radiation ‘would not be so bad.’ Trump thought this was a bad idea, but ultimately could not get the SK’s to change what they were doing.
That is just sad.

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