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Righting wrong
I'm not going to fill your head's full of spiritual talk like live in the light and cast the demon into the abyss for eternity in hellfire and brimstone. Because you probably already know. Anyway I have made mistakes before and I understand that it's not right with everyone else and I was being selfish. All I can say is to not put someone else in charge of your feelings because there isn't consequences for them but only for you. Consider it a lesson in discipline and even if there are consequences for them they are too stupid to figure it out and where were you when this could have all been prevented. So I'm willing to forgive and forgive if you're willing to forget and forgive is my best strategy without admitting to guilt because because I have a history of not trusting you. It's the way car insurance works not that this is about cars.

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Anyway my name is cury sable and my birthday is on July 23

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