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Prediction Airplane Incident Warning!
Over the past few days we have had many reference to planes and flight.  It is my belief we may be seeing a plane flight or incident in the near future. Some of our recent flying references don't seem to be pointing to a crash/incident.  I am only including the ones I think do.

october group apocalypse plane flight soon

pressure tries called mind forget wars hey blood yard flying
memory ends worried fly

chosen remembering wow
fallen bird literally wonder
table wars cart paper confused language dining yard pressure fly smaller leaves wet
*swimming and wet may mean an incident with water.
table,cart and dinning may mean the incident happens around a meal/ or beverage service.
*pressure may mean a loss of cabin pressure, confused could mean confusion takes place when a loss of cabin pressure happens.
chosen remembering could mean a loss of life


We have had one recent dream about a Canadian passport.

Worldwidepredictions is predicting an airplane crash, possibly with a Canada connection.  We have had overlaps with their predictions in the past.  We have leaves in this botrun which might connect with Canada, the maple leaf is their flag symbol.

Based on past history of botrun language and other factors, I am predicting an airplane crash/ incident, with loss of life.  Likely over or involving water and possibly a cabin pressure issue.  It will be a puzzling incident and possibly involved Scotland Yard as yard was in 2 of the runs.  Yard might mean an area/space.

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