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We need a coffee maker
Don't remember the exact day, just that it was before Christmas.

I wake up in a strange room but I know it's my bedroom. There's a guy sitting on the edge of the bed, getting dressed in a military battle dress uniform. It's not my spouse in waking life but I know he's my spouse. He apologizes for waking me. No problem, I tell him as I get up and throw on a robe over my night shirt. I pad out to the kitchen to make breakfast or something, but I'm distracted by noise on the front porch. Upon peeking through the curtains at the big window near the door, I see a group of 4 men, all wearing BDU pants, camo green t-shirts, dogtags, and combat boots, rolling up sleeping bags on our front porch. I'm completely surprised. Dream spouse comes out of the bedroom, his BDU jacket draped over one arm. I point to the front porch. He kisses my forehead and tells me he forgot to mention we had guests. I find my words and curtly tell him that our guests do not sleep on the front porch. He tells me they're fine, they preferred it out there. I open the front door to tell them to get in the house, that I would make breakfast. A motorcycle carrying two people, the rider and a passenger, pulls up on our front walk. The passenger is carrying a cup holder filled with Starbucks' coffee cups. The two on the bike pull off their helmets and they are women, dressed the same as the others, except they have the BDU jackets on and are wearing the reflective vests. The guys head down to get their coffee. I clutch at dream spouse's arm. OMG, I tell him, they had to get their own coffee because we don't have a coffee maker. We have to get a coffee maker. Relax, he tells me, they prefer it this way because they can each have what they want. No, I say, it's bad enough you made them sleep on the porch, but now we don't have any coffee for them. One of the women says, It's all right, ma'am, we're fine. But thanks for offering. The others raise their cups in agreement. Besides, says dream spouse, you don't know how to make coffee. That's not the point, I say. He laughs, kisses my forehead, and tells me they'll see me later, after work. I watch them leave in various vehicles, thinking I would get dressed and run to AAFES and get a coffee maker and some coffee, just to have on hand when they got back.

Random thoughts:

I don't drink coffee so I never learned how to make it because the spouse doesn't drink it at home. We keep a coffee maker and filters around but anyone who knows us knows to bring their own coffee if they want to drink what they like. Why I fixated on the need for a coffee maker is beyond me. Big Grin

AAFES, for the nonmilitary, stands for Army Air Force Exchange Service. It's the military version of a dept. store.

Dream spouse has showed up in my dreams before but never as my spouse. I don't know this person in waking life. I have no idea who the others were, beyond they accorded dream spouse a level of respect seen in military units between NCOs and those enlisted beneath their rank.
Well, strangely I also had a dream near the same time as yours involving military sleeping outside of the house. That it was ok?
Dreambot today all about war?
Yes, it appears so.
(01-10-2018, 12:12 AM)Maysea Wrote: Dreambot today all about war?
When I scanned the list of posts I saw this one as "we need a coffin maker". Sad

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