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Feel like I'll be going on walk-about tonight. Will post if I do.
No walkabout last night. Did not sleep well and woke too early.  Since #2 cat  passed on, #1 cat wants to sleep with me. This is highly unusual for him. Consider him an outdoor cat and comes in to eat only. Hope this doesn't last long cause he likes to sleep next to my head! Don't like cat paws in my face all night!   Rolleyes
Finally found a picture on Google images that best describes my sleep time this week. Tongue

Interesting. I had a rotten night last night as well. My legs kept developing cramps, even after I'd taken potassium and magnesium. I was up at least 4 times to walk off the cramps. Leg cramps aren't unknown to me but they aren't a regular thing.
Had a bad leg cramp a few days ago. It was just as I was waking up. Been years since I've had a cramp like that.

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