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A Medium and a Glorious White Rabbit
I don't normally like to post very personal dreams, but this one was such a wild ride this morning, I can't really resist.

In the beginning, an ex of mine, named Michael, was trying to get back together with me. I told him no and that I didn't think that would be a very good thing for either of us, trying to be very careful not to upset him. I told him the very best I could do was to be distant friends. Meaning we could talk every once in a while briefly to say "hello" or "Merry Christmas" ect. He wasn't very happy about that. I later found out through a mutual friend that he was spreading lies about me. I wasn't surprised by this and texted him gently asking him to stop. He wouldn't respond to my text, and a day or so later called wanting to talk. When I confronted him about what he had done, he pretended he knew nothing about it and that he would NEVER do such a thing. He did this regularly while in a relationship with me and I knew it was just how he was. I told him that at this point we couldn't even be friends. I told him I would, again, be blocking him from everything and that I didn't want to talk to him EVER again. I was just done with the stress. He started yelling and cussing at me, so I hung up the phone and blocked his number.

I later went to some place with my sister and some girl friends of mine. There was a huge bar in the middle that also served cake. We all shared a big strawberry cake and I tried ordering a drink but couldn't remember the name of it for some reason. I was embarrassed as I sat and tried to remember the word "mojito". When I finally managed to remember the word and order, I saw Michael on the other side of the bar. He never went out of his way to see me, and it was then that I realized that me saying I was done forever, had actually made an impact on him. He had expected that I keep coming back to him and was unable to deal with a flat no. I knew he had been stalking me on social media, but I couldn't believe he would go out of his way to stalk me in real life. I was very creeped out, annoyed, and irritated that he was there. Our eyes met and I spun around and told the girls I was with what was going on. They all became upset too and we decided that we should leave. I turned around and looked at him again and saw that he had ripped off all of his clothes and was standing there in a bright red speedo, in the middle of the bar, like he was just the hottest thing there and like I would see him and come running back to him. Instead, it freaked me out SO MUCH that he would do that IN PUBLIC that I got so creeped out I ran away.

As I ran, I came to a long hall and at the end of the hall was my sister and a friend of a very physically abusive ex of mine. I then ran faster and more out of fear of this guy hurting her than of Michael's craziness. But when I was about half-way down the hall, this guy shot her. And I stood there in shock for a second before crouching into a ball and crying. I was somehow suddenly wearing a dark hoodie and the hood was over my head. As I crouched I started sliding back on the floor as if the floor was wet and tilted. I cried and slid back on the floor scared to see what was causing me to slide backwards... It could have been my sisters blood. I stopped sliding when I finally somehow slid against the men's restroom door. As I cried next to the door, who would open it but Mike. He immediately got angry and said "WTF. Anytime I see you, you are so miserable, weak and needy". But I could feel his feelings as he barked at me. It dawned on him that this was an opportunity. He didn't really care why I was hurt or crying, but he did see an opportunity to play at being a white knight and try to get me back. He then bent over to touch me and I shot up and ran out as fast as I could.

After running off, I was walking around someplace and saw a woman who looked almost EXACTLY like my grandmother. I hadn't seen my grandmother in forever and just seeing this woman felt comforting so I thought I would try talking to her. She invited me into her home. When I came in, I immediately realized she was some sort of psychic. She offered to let me talk to anyone (dead) that I wanted to talk to for FREE. I was pretty skeptical she had this ability but accepted... but then mentioned my concerns of having not so nice spirits clinging to me afterwards. She ignored my concerns while arranging a bunch of things on her coffee table where she planned to do her thing. When she was finished, she asked who I wanted to talk to, and I picked Nostradamus since one of my most favorite dreams were of me just talking to him and him being so fun to talk to. I wanted to know more about those recipes he had on his walls for medicine. The woman did some sort of ritual and as she did I could barely make out these little ripples and disturbances in the air. Then this tiny thing that looked like a little fireball appeared and sort of floated back and forth above her table. It didn't LOOK or FEEL evil or anything, so I assumed that this was the spirit she had summoned... her eyes were closed as she did her thing, but she opened them and sort of squinted at the fireball thing and thumped it and said "begone". Shocked, I asked why she did that and she looked at me with a bit of surprise and asked if I had seen it. I said of course I saw it, its hard to miss a fireball floating in the air like that. She said that it was an "uninvited spirit" and that she had to send it away so that the spirit she called for could come through.

After a while I could hear a voice. It sounded gruff and was sarcastic. I recognized it right away as being my father. The woman then said I could ask it one question and I had to make it quick because it took a lot out of her to channel. I asked how he felt about me. His response was that he regretted a lot in his life, but that I needed to move on and learn to love and accept myself. I was a little irritated that he dodged my question. After he responded I could feel the feeling of him leave the room and I knew he was gone. Then it occurred to me that my father must be dead. I asked the woman why he had come through and not the person I wanted to talk to and she said that he was very persistent and trying very hard to get to me. I felt a bit of comfort knowing that I meant enough for him to do that, but still sad that he was dead.

The woman was very grandma-like, but distant. I understood that because while she looked nearly exactly like my grandma, we were strangers. It was probably really weird for her to have some stranger just come out of the blue wanting to be near her. I could understand her alarm in that. Even so, she was very nice. She gathered a big box of things for me. Some things in it were things I lost a long time ago, but some things were gifts from her. One thing was a Ouija board. I told her I didn't need it. I was frightened of opening up a portal and having demons in my house. when I told her that, she shook her head and told me that she can't get over how the Ouija tool had become a game. That it was a tool, and like many tools it can be dangerous when used in the wrong way. That there is a way to open it safely, and a way to close it safely. She said that if I wanted she could teach me how to do it and that I needed to open up to and embrace being a natural medium. I wasn't sure that I trusted it, but I did like the idea of being around her. She must have seen the concern on my face, because she said that there was no occult involved and that I must learn to think of "spirits" as something other than "good and bad beings". She said that many of them just are and do what they do, more or less. But I was thinking that "MANY" doesn't mean ALL and I wasn't sure if I wanted to be open and vulnerable to bad things. So I told her I would have to think on it a bit.

She had given me one new shoe. A very pretty open-toe high heel shoe. I followed her into another room as she looked for its mate. She had given me other shoes that were not my size, so when she gave me the other shoe she had looked for, I gave her back the shoes she gave me that were not my size. One of them being a size 7. Another one being a size 3. For some reason, the numbers stuck in my head as something very important.

When it was finally time for me to leave, I felt very sad. She looked SO MUCH like my grandmother that I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stick around and bake her cookies or something. The only difference that I noticed between her and my grandmother was a long scar on her face. It ran down her cheek next to her mouth and blended in with her aging face. Had I not been close enough to see it was a scar, I would have just assumed it a product of old age.

After I had left, I went into a store. Either a gas station or small convenience store. Near the checkout I noticed this Mario shaped gummy candy. It was probably 6-7 inches tall. It was clear and had no color to it. I had never seen something like that before and it brought back a lot of childhood memories, so I bought it. I wasn't sure if I would actually eat it or not, but probably not as I enjoyed looking at it.

I then somehow met up with my mom and sister. (The sister that was shot dead earlier in the dream.) They were in good spirits, which I thought was odd considering that I was upset about my father being dead and I wasn't nearly as close to him as they were. We talked a little bit but I didn't want to give them any personal details of my life. I didn't think that would be a good thing to do as I had recently discovered my mom was narcissistic and I thought it best to keep a healthy distance from her. I could tell that this was really irritating her. My mother and sister showed me this little animal they had saved. She was keeping the animal in a small cardboard box. The little ball of fuzz looked like a tiny, sleeping, balled up bird to me at first. My mother never cared much for birds and often did terrible things to the baby chimney sweeps that fell in through the chimney, so I wondered why she would rescue a bird, of all things. She then said that she had been on the fence about rescuing it or not. I immediately said I would take care of it for her, but when I said that, she immediately decided she wanted it.

As I was talking to my mother, my sister was going through my bag and she found the Mario gummy. She asked if she could have it and I told her that I wanted it as I took it back from her. I also said that I thought it was pretty rude of her to just be going through my things like that. My mother and sister REALLY wanted that mario gummy and throughout most of my life, I would happily give them just about anything they wanted, but this time I really wanted to keep something. It was special and it was MINE. They made several offers for it, but I just felt like this was something I wanted to keep for myself. I rarely go out of my way to get things for myself, and this was one of the few times I did and I was gonna keep it. They seemed a bit offended that I wouldn't let them have it, and I felt bad about that, but it was mine and I didn't want to hand it over.

I took the gummy out of the wrapper and started playing with it. It felt a lot like my little stress relief balls and I loved the feel of it. Weirdly, the more I played with it, the more it felt alive... until it was actually alive, walking around and stuff. Of course now my mother and sister were losing their minds wanting it. After playing with it as a pet, I thought I would let it rest a while and placed it next to the sleeping bird in the cardboard box, then asked to play with the sleeping chick. My mom gave me the ok, so I picked it up and rubbed it gently with my finger and loved on it a bit. It nipped me then it rolled out of its little ball to reveal that it was, in fact, a baby hamster or some sort of small rodent-like creature. I thought it was cute either way, and put it back into the box gently. My mom laughed and said "Oh, I forgot to tell you it bites!"

Then something attacked us. I can't quite remember who or what, but that mario gummy transformed into something else and fought it off. I was in shock... and I can't even remember what it turned into, but when it was all over, we all gathered around it. It had then transformed into a small, clean, blinding white bunny. It had opalescent eyes... that seemed to glow mostly either a blue or pink iridescent color. I could not believe that I had found such an amazing animal. I mean... aside from just being the most beautiful rabbit I've ever seen, it protected me from the thing!

I placed it back into the box to rest. Both the rabbit and hamster were sleeping peacefully. But I came back later to find that someone had bitten a chunk out of my rabbit and that it was now, again a mario gummy. I wondered if it had been me or my mother or my sister... but felt guilty as if I had done it. So at the end of the dream, I gathered it up and decided to run a long way away from my mom and sister and try to heal it.
God bless you for typing all this in there! You deserve lots of gold stars! Smile

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