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Little People
I had this dream yesterday. I forgot what all had happened at the beginning of this dream but I later found myself in a dense forest with a few other people. We were there because these tiny people had led us there. These people were probably just under the height of a normal sized bottle of water (so around 6-7.5 inches) but still had the same proportions as normal sized people have. They had interesting clothes, but its hard to describe how they were dressed. I guess the closest I could come to describing the style, is that they were somewhat similar to what I would expect someone in medieval times to wear. They were much fancier than I had expected tiny people living in the forest to wear. They had good sized village made there in the forests with very beautiful and elaborate houses and mansions that would wind around and merge with the trees. Cute little walkways that twisted and went between different plants that were purposely planted where they were. I saw they had used lots of different crystals and semi-precious stones for their little pathways, for their everyday things like basins, cups, bowls, and they were used in the construction of their homes. For example, one of the more fancy mansions wrapped around the base of a tree and there was a part that was built around the tree but also went into the tree. The part of the mansion wrapped around the side looked like it was made of some sort of clay and wood and had intricate little details like thin metals (copper, gold and silver) twisted into geometric shapes and pretty flowing designs that connected the gemstones together and I had the thought that they used that for transferring power, much like we use wires to conduct electricity. Anyway, I was amazed by these tiny people. They were trying to teach me and the others to read the earth. By this they meant seeing through plants and wildlife to their very life-force, and then past that to the forest and land as a whole, which was a difficult thing to do all at once. It was a lot like reading auras, but not quite. There was a quality of life that you could see shining from the core of the plant/animal. While we were there, the little people also wanted to teach us to read the "earth's veins", which I guess were the lay lines. It was veins of energy that moved through the earth. Towards the end of their lessons I had been able to just vaguely see the lines and I touched them and could feel a sort of warm, vibrating energy in my hand and body when I touched it. It was pretty amazing. After they had taught me and the others what they wanted to pass on, they all gathered around us and said goodbye and we talked a bit more. They all seemed very kind and like happy little people... we had learned in the sun and at night... and so it was a terrible shock to me and the others... when the sun rose and touched the little people they turned to dust. We all stood around horrified. All that was left was the tiny village. It looked like it had been a huge project someone made for their dolls. While it was hard not to want to share this amazing thing with the world, we all decided that IF we did and if anyone believed our story, which was very unlikely, they might try to hunt for other little people and ruin the forest. We also didn't want to risk any harm to the village, just in case there were other little people who needed a home.

Everyone in the group went their separate ways, and I can't remember everything that happened after that, but somehow I had another little, tiny man find me. I was surprised and really happy that there were indeed more of these little guys running around because I had worried that the ones who turned to dust were the only ones remaining. The tiny man had me meet with two or three other people and was leading us to something. I could sort of see the lay lines the best so he had me lead while he sat on my shoulder and directed me. I can't quite remember what we were searching for, but he had us walk on for what felt like forever and I wondered how he knew where to go. I felt like we had walked 100 miles and each normal mile for us had to be miles and miles for him. The weather eventually got bad. A storm was blowing in and we needed to rest and find shelter, so he led us to an old, abandoned ship wreck. There was maybe a quarter of a wrecked ship sticking out of the ground. Most of it was wet and nasty, but there was a dry area inside that had 4 places to rest, 2 places on the floor with some old blankets and two dusty old beds. I went to lay on the floor so that others could rest on a bed and the little man got angry with me and insisted I sleep on the bed. He said my self-sacrifice, while sweet, was silly, because I was the one that had to lead and had to strain to follow the lay lines. By not getting the best sleep I could, I was not doing anyone any favors, in fact I could be causing trouble inadvertently. So, I laid in the bed. I watched the little man tinkering with something for a bit and thought that he was very handsome for a little person and it was just too bad he wasn't human, because I had somehow developed a little schoolgirl crush on him. Then the thought occurred to me that once we reached our destination, he would do that thing the others did and turn to dust. I thought about not allowing it and keeping him safe, but it seemed like doing so would be pretty wrong, like keeping a prisoner. I struggled thinking about this before I fell asleep in the dream, and woke up in real life.
Love this dream. You describe it very well indeed. Smile

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