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Breathing Devices
I had a dream about 48 hours ago. I saw people on the street of a town or city and they were wearing breathing devices and walking around. They were wearing typical street clothes (no Hazmat suits or anything like that). I knew that the air was toxic and the breathing devices that they were wearing was to filter the air that they were breathing. Some people seemed to be in distress while other appeared to be relatively ok.
Welcome to the club, sjablons. Thanks for the dream, even though its one that none of us want to see come true lol
Welcome to NDC!
Thanks for posting and welcome. I wonder if it was volcano related? Or perhaps from the smokey fires in the west.
Actually, it seems to be very accurate dream now due to covid 19. A lot of people are wearing masks outside right due to it. The pandemic has also increased the production of respirators. I had a dream once where people in Ecuador and Peru had to use military style gas masks due to high level of volcanic ash that spews out of volcanoes down there.

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