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Winds of War?
I had a multi layered dream but don't remember too much.
Layer one.
I am with a very small group. I am outside in a desert/arid/rocky place. We some upon a large portable missile launcher, armed. Someone/some group had intentions to use it to fire on something. This was the first large missile launcher we had seen in the area and needed to let the government know right away to warn them.

Layer Two
I am a seated in the backseat passenger side of parked in a pick-up truck. There are a handful of other cars and trucks nearby. The truck I am sitting in is packed with items and messy. It is not mine. I am familiar with the different people parked nearby. They are all apparently middle aged vets or reservists. Everyone is dressed in casual clothes . I make my way to different vehicles and make small talk. People are reserved, a little cool and guarded. We seem to be "catching up". It was time to leave. I mentioned to everyone my 90 year old mother-in-law was being held as a hostage in Afghanistan. I asked the others to please prayer for her. They said they would. As everyone was getting ready to move out, I realized they had been called back or called up for duty. I wished them well.
A new war was beginning.

My Mother-In -Law in the dream was my actual MIL, however she passed away last year in real life.
I don't know anyone in Afghanistan.
I don't know if there was a new war taking place in Afghanistan or if that was just a a symbol of a war torn country we are a war with still.
If my dream is telling me anything, I would say we might be heading to a new war somewhere or an increased level of a current war.

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