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Prediction Eruption

Another PD... I have intentionally been keeping less busy to increase my PD's... so here's another.

21/09/2018: I was on the edge of a huge sinkhole/crater?(a couple of miles wide) and to the left-hand side lava erupted down into the hole, a lot of people were caught in the flow, some trying to help those caught only to die themselves. The people around told me, "we have two active volcanoes in this region"(place marker?) The people were of Oriental or Polynesian... I only managed to catch the backs of their necks as they were taken in the most horrific way by the flow. Limbs of one man trying to save his mother sticking out of the lava twitching until they were still and fell limp onto the lave only to be consumed. It was very upsetting. The sinkhole had a complex or machine at its centre but that may not have been important, I don't know.

So I'm going to look for regions that match the description today.

Thanks Dreameroracle.

That would indeed be a disturbing dream.
What was the vegetation like by the volcano?
Sorry it took me so long to get back... The vegetation was sloping green grass like but with jagged rocks sticking out of the landscape. I was initially looking from above and it looked like slopes of grass but the people were definitely from the Pacific region.

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