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10/1/18 The War
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: Here’s to hoping the DreamBot isn’t predicting anything, with a troubling word meme of WAR. Luckily, there are some astrological aspects that may explain this meme but they don’t appear until afternoon. In the morning, the influence is steady and relatively clear. But as the Moon enters Cancer this afternoon, we get a triple dose of emotional discontent. For one, Cancer is a water sign, exaggerating our feelings and emotions. The Moon also gets a brief square with Uranus and an opposition to Saturn, characterized by mood swings, impulsivity, easily bored, and difficulty sharing emotions. When we aren’t understood emotionally, we tend to want to isolate….take me home! Interestingly, Cancer is a home-dweller, so don’t be surprised if you feel like leaving work early to go home. Take breaks frequently this afternoon to help you sort out the Influence from what’s really happening in your experience. Resist impulsive action, as you may regret it later. Emotions can be tricky today. If you can focus and move forward, do so. However, careful monitoring of your states so that you don’t unconsciously begin dysfunctional patterns out of needing to escape the Influence. 

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Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  october lightning wars bubble bath yesterday finally bomb star bookstore works lucid fight devil blah creators junkyard days mon rain months entry helped view close program university now became together 

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Background: Regardless of whether you can feel it or not, we are all being influenced by the Collective Unconscious. So many philosophers and social psychologists throughout the ages have studied and written about this phenomenon. Not only does a collective emotion/mind/influence exist, it secretly and subtly influences our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is not to say that all your experiences are determined outright by the Collective Unconscious. But if you gain more awareness of this influence, you will have more control over your own life and destiny. Read more:

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