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1/8/19 Relationships and Communication
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How to CIRF Today’s Influences: The influences in the coming days are very straight forward according to DreamBot and the stars. Wed 1/9, the Moon square Venus makes it feel a little more needy and emotionally dependent. Since the sidereal astrology sides with Aquarius, take the best traits thereof and command your personal independence. That is, assert yourself to yourself. Love yourself deeply. Feel a sense of pride in what you have to offer this world. FEEL IT….by yourself. Take yourself out on a date….with yourself. Then on 1/10, the social green light is back on, but Aquarius is still the current dominant sidereal. Feel the collective concern and lead your tribe towards that betterment. We can do better as a society, and we must do our part in that improvement. See you again on Thursday evening. 

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