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Dark Deception

This is my first post on this forum. I have many dreams and look forward to sharing them with you all. I also will post some of my older most significant dreams.

So, last nights dream was:

I was on an apocalyptic planet with lava lakes and so on, whereby there had been a huge gathering of people.

Humans were gathered to be forcefully put into a game whereby they would have to fight each other.

There was a huge fierce figurehead that was talking and telling the instructions of the game.

There was also an assistant who had been helping the figurehead to operate the game for a long time. 

The game started and people where killing each other, families were split down the middle and fighting each other.

Then I flew up the side of the great figurehead, destroying the pipes around it with rockets, they seemed to be feeding it with electricity, but the pipes where blood red in colour.

Then, it was revealed the figurehead itself was fake and for so long the operator behind it had been non existent. (Anyone else think of the Wizard of Oz?) Many people had been put to slaughter for nothing.

It was too late to inform the people who were already killing each other. The feeling was one of immense wonder and despair. 

Then I woke up. (2:35am GMT+12 12/01/19)
Sure this isn't Earth? hahaha!

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