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1/13/19 The 3D Material World
Watch the Video Version:
How to CIRF Today’s Influences: The next couple of days will involve some earthly grounded energies and there is much to behold in this sacred life ship we sail upon. First and foremost, the biggest meme in the collective dreams is all about the 3D reality, the physical world from the birds and animals to the clothes we wear and even to the far reaches of the atmosphere and galaxy beyond. When we look at the tropical astrology, its no wonder why everyone is fixated upon the material plane…there are two Earth trines forming on Tuesday, 1/15. The Moon first trines Saturn and then Mercury. There is a heavy earthing energy with these trines, which harkens us to grounded pragmatism as we are coerced into experiencing this life. There is also a very cool conjunction happening a day earlier on Monday 1/14 that prepares us for the Tuesday material onslaught. Oh indeed, behold Moon conjunct Uranus which influences us to a nice relaxed emotional acceptance and openness. Not fearing the unknown, we can now bravely (thinking Sidereal Aries now) experience whatever changes to our material world are immanent. Now one more piece of good news is worth mentioning. The collective dreams are picking up a second large meme called “Help/Protect/Heal.” Immediately, we should be thinking about Chiron, the mythical wounded healer, but he doesn’t make any meaningful aspect until next weekend, Sat 1/19. The collective unconscious is notorious for picking up on future events and memes, so for those wanting and needing healing, jot next weekend onto your calendar and prepare for Sun sextile Chiron. Watch the video for more explanation. 

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