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Prediction US Police Lose Control
Hello Everyone,

24 Mar 2019: I could hear US Police sirens in the distance, (I was watching the scenario and not participating) A male and female Police officer was also on route to the scene. There was gunfire the closer they got, all of a sudden there was an explosion... the distant sirens fell silent and so did the gunfire. The two officers arrived at the scene... two police cars were destroyed utterly, four or more officers lay dead on the ground. They quickly got out their car as they were also being fired at by three perps coming out of a three-story office building to their left. A fourth shooter hiding on the right down a path leading to another building also began to fire... He had run out of bullets and had begun to run. The female officer went off in pursuit on her own much to her partner's anger that she had done so. She went out of site and from the path came a single shot... It then skipped to the end of the scenario with all perps bar one dead, the one being the one the female officer chased. She was dead shot as she ran down the path mid reloading her weapon.

Then returning to sleep after a brief waking moment...

24 Mar 2019: A small picture of the weapons used... Pistols, SMPs and a Rocket Launcher. I was made to believe these were weapons supplied to another country by the CIA only to be sold back later to very undesirable American Public... so many in fact the Police had lost complete control from what I could see.

The female officer was half Native Indian/African American.

Believe it or not, the first Dream was very short although to describe it wasn't. Obvious to see the message though, don't supply weapons abroad because they will find their way back with devastating circumstances tipping America ever closer to melt down. Might be a 2022 to 2024 time frame event but as I typed out this post I kept putting in 2020 instead of 2019 by error... twice...

maybe not so much of an error????
Don't doubt it all. I had another dream where my sister was telling me there were no laws being enforced in the USA, anymore. It was chaos dog eat dog in a lot of places...electromagnetic pulse weapons had been used power was out everywhere.

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