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Rude Lady/Man
I had this dream early this morning. I was in some sort of waiting room. I was sitting in a small, padded chair with arms and directly across from me was an obese woman on a long, padded bench. I had a little book on my lap so I started thumbing through that when I saw a disfigured man with crutches come in. He made his way to the large woman and asked if he could sit next to her and she stretched out across the whole bench and said "I'm sorry. I'm tired."

I got up and asked the man to take my seat and helped him sit down, then sat in the corner of the room on the floor. I was starting to get weak and dizzy, so I felt like I needed to eat something. I had a backpack on me and I started rummaging around for something to eat. I found a small box of cold, leftover fried chicken. As I started to pick the little scraps of meat off of the nearly naked chicken wing inside the box, the woman on the bench sprang up and asked if she could have my chicken. I looked up at her and said "Excuse me, what?" She asked me again and I told her "no". Then she started whining and crying saying that she had been there all day and hadn't had a thing to eat and she felt like she was "wasting away". I just laughed a bit and said "You're joking. You've got to be kidding me..." I looked around the room and everyone was just looking at me like they were waiting to see what I would do, and I started to get a bit uncomfortable.

The woman got very upset and said that she was NOT joking, and if I was a "decent" human being, I would give her my food. Well, this sort of upset me. I asked her what made someone a "decent" human being in her mind and, in a very holier-than-thou tone, she told me it would be someone that sees a person in need and helps them. I nodded and said I agreed with her. Then I asked her why she felt entitled to my food and she told me that she was a good person and spent nearly every day trying to help others. I said to her "You mean to tell me that you are such an angelic human being, that you are entitled to my food right now?" She looked me dead in my eyes and said "Yes." So I said to her "Well, what if I told you that I actually needed this food because I'm sick"... she stood up and said that she would call me a liar."

When the woman stood up, she suddenly became a big, tall dude with a beard. I told this guy that I listened to what he said and that I thought about it, but I ultimately decided that I thought I deserved to eat my chicken and I didn't think that I had to share any of it with him. He went into a rage and started screaming at me and calling me names, so I stood up as well and said to him that I didn't know him as a person, but based on what I saw in the waiting room and based on what he had said himself about what kind of person should have the chicken, I felt like I should still have MY chicken... and that I thought I was being really kind even considering giving it to him since the chicken was, and has always been, MY chicken. After all, did I really need a reason to eat it other than it was MINE to begin with?

People in the room were now starting to get in on the argument we were having and yelling at the guy that I was right... but some people started to get really ugly and threaten him so I put my hand up to ask them to stop and quiet down. I asked the guy if he had claimed earlier to be so "angelic" that he deserved the food I had more than me, and he nodded. I went on to say that when the guy with the crutches came in, not only did he tell the guy he couldn't sit down next to him on the very long bench, but he stretched out across the whole thing so that the guy really couldn't sit down! The man said again that he was tired. I said that he was already resting on the bench. He didn't need to take up the whole bench to rest... in fact, it looked a bit like he struggled to take up all the bench just so the poor guy on crutches, who was probably even more tired than him, couldn't sit and rest himself.

The guy rolled his eyes at me and I said "Okay then, lets say you didn't even do that earlier and I made it up in spite of everyone else in the room baring witness to it... who have you helped today?" He stumbled around with his words until he said he had helped an old college friend of his. I said ok and asked what his friend's name was and the guy mumbled a bit before spouting out a name. I asked what college they went to and the man started walking backwards down a little dark hall and mumbled out some name, but it sounded made up. Everyone else in the room was yelling and calling this guy out... I asked if that friend went to the same college as him and he said no, then told me that I was a mean, narcissistic pos and that HE didn't have to prove anything, before booking it down the hall as fast as he could.

When he left, everyone in the room was talking to each other about what they had just seen. Some thought it was funny. Some thought it was messed up. Some were really, really angry. I felt sort of indifferent about the whole thing. I didn't want to make the guy feel bad, but I also didn't want him to try and make me feel like a bad person for wanting to eat my own food.

I started to make my way back to my little box of chicken but was stopped by a guy who was telling me about these churches fighting. He said there was some sort of convention nearby that had brought together every organised religion thinking that they would all discuss nice things and want to get along, but he said that a huge fight broke out and they were currently all fighting. When he said that, I could see them fighting and they were seriously fist fighting and chunking woodworking saw blades at each other like Frisbees or ninja stars. I felt like he wanted me to help him with this situation, but I didn't know how anyone, let alone me, would be able to tackle such a thing...

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