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Farm flooding and grocery store gestapo
According to zero hedge China has increased soybean imports from US by 20 percent. China is getting it's share of inflation with food supplies and perhaps getting a little nervous about it. I noticed certain items of food are definitely going up in the grocery store that I shop in the most.
I had another dream last night about the Oroville dam collapsing. It said the water level will reach almost 904(it overflows at 900). Lake Almanor is responsible in part for collapse(it feeds into Oroville basin). A chunk of the dam initially breaks off in part of the dam about 10 to 20 feet which leads to further cracking in the dam and eventually a bigger chunk falls off the rest of the dam pretty much goes after that. Dave Hodges says that about 25 percent of the food grown in the world is in the basin which be a mega tsunami and flood the would instantly have a direct impact on the food supply and price of food. Oroville is already at 790 feet with the vast majority of rain and snow to come plus the eventual melting of snow in the mountains and they weren't able to open the gates back up last year due vibrations(which would tear it apart if left to go on and on) despite what they say the level should have been made lower than it is right now.
Jan 16, 2020
Headline reads...Mississippi Oktibbena County...residents urged to evacuate...officials urged residents to evacuate...failure of dam...imminent

Other news...
Yale Reservoir in Washington State
Letting out water...lowering water levels...
Usgs and Ferc...possibility of rare earthquake in area, models show liquification resulting in Dam failure
I seen where Brazil harvest is expected to be not a good one due to a severe drought this summer( it's summer down there right now)

The dam is ok for now but it doesn't sound good because they were asking for funds to build a new one last year but didn't get it.

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