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Farm flooding and grocery store gestapo
Checking the site this morning and this thread "grocery store gestapo" fits for what is happening now in Louisiana. The state government issued a mandate for people to wear masks in stores or businesses. My first thought was, "how is the State going to enforce this mandate"? The State will put heavy fines on the stores if people are in there shopping without a mask. So now businesses, especially grocery stores are the "grocery store gestapo".
Of all the topics and issues that have the potential to cause serious problems sooner rather than later, THIS is where some people draw their lines in the sand? Are you effing kidding me? Good grief! God help this country if this is what gets idiots in a lather to the point some are willing to kill over whether or not they have to put on a mask to get some groceries at the local grocery store.

Wear the damned masks when you go out because this isn't about you("You" being anyone who is a maskhole). I have compromised lung capacity and wearing a mask is physically difficult for me yet I still wear one when I go out of the house. I've been on a ventilator, people. I've been in the coma necessary for the ventilator. I will wear the mask because I don't want to risk that happening again and I certainly don't want to be the cause of someone else having to go through that experience.

This has nothing to do with politics. This is about public health and giving a damn about fellow human beings, even if you don't agree with the practice. Your imagined right does not supercede anyone else's rights. And private businesses have every right to make the rules for who shop in their stores. Hell, they already make rules-No shirt, no shoes, no service ring a bell?-and people follow those rules. You don't see people screaming about their right to go naked in the store, right?

Wear the damned mask. If not for yourself, for your family, your friends, your parents, for everyone.

And yes, this faux-issue frosts my butt, especially every time I have to go out of the house and possibly expose myself to the maskholes who refuse to think of anyone but themselves.

I'm not going to argue or debate this. Consider this MY line in the sand. Angry
I was making an observation, not stating people should not wear masks.I do not appreciate or want your attacking me when I am only talking about an observation. You sound extremely stressed so I hope you can find peace somewhere somehow.
It is getting worse downstream from three gorges dam everyday because they are using all the gates on the 3 gorges to spill and the water in Wuhan keeps getting higher everyday and further downstream the Poyang fresh water lake is at it's highest point ever and it keeps raining and raining everyday somewhere along the Yangtze River basin. It's 46 days straight for torrential rains in China and the Monsoon season doesn't officially get underway until July 20. This flooding has affected the crops over there very severely about 15 earthen dykes have failed in the Province where the Poyang lake is located. Even if three gorges doesn't collapse this flooding looks to be a once in a lifetime event or likely greater. It has already taken a toll on the food supply that China will be able harvest this year and it isn't done yet.
China had to blow up one dam and open the gates on another dam in the Anhui province in order to relieve flooding on Yangtze River but it came at the cost of flooding 200,000 homes in that province. There has been a break in the torrential rain the last 36 hours but it's still the heart of Monsoon season and the 3 Gorges dam was at 162 meters last report. There has been a lot of flooding in that area of the world including Nepal, India, Myanmar and Russia this year also.
It's been a very bust tropical season so far and Mississippi River is back to flooding according to site strange sounds plus the Isaisas tropical storm is guaranteed to hit the Carolina's now according to all models. The three Gorges dam area has been getting a little break from torrential rain but is set to unleash a fourth flood downstream and now there is a strengthening tropical storm headed in the direction below of the Shanghai area. The esimate so far of monetary damages of this year's flooding in China is around 40 billion so far but the worst part is that it has put so much cropland underwater. At least 8 million acres in the Poyang area of farmland has been underwater and about 8 million acres in the Anhui province has been underwater.
China had to blow up another dam this time on Xuong River to relieve pressure from flooding in the Sichuan province and a lot of this water is headed towards three gorges dam(this was according to world news on you tube). That drecho that hit the mid west USA has ruined millions of acres of land in the mid west and destroyed at least 12 big grain silos. The flooding in Asia has been so bad you can't even keep up with South Korea is still getting hit hard by floods.
It looks like two tropical storms headed toward Texas and the Louisiana area. This isn't good news for area around Mississippi River area which has already faced flooding this year.

After torrential rains in Sichuan province the Three Gorges Dam level is back up to 167.17 meters( 181 meters is it's absolute highest level because it was not designed to over spill) and all the water portals are open on it right now and the Yellow River is getting very high and is on it's 5th flood this year.
It's looks like the rice crop grown around the region of Poyang lake in China is pretty much a total loss for this year. The Poyang lake reached a record level this past week seeing in how several dams and dykes failed, and a couple were deliberately blown up to divert it into the area to keep it from going into the big cities. The area around Poyang is 70 percent of China's rice crop.

If you been watching the weather channel tropical storm Sally is headed towards the gulf coast and will put down over 10 inches in some areas where it is not needed. It has some time to get stronger and is looking better and more organized now. It could put a direct hit on New Orleans.
Recording setting year for amount of named tropical systems in Atlantic. There is a statewide emergency in place for North Carolina right now for flooding after Eta went through. Even worse is another hurricane Iota is headed toward the same region of Honduras and Nicuragua that Eta flooded and few days ago which has killed about 150 people so far.

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