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possible short term precognitive dream
  I dream in the early morning of 4/7/2019 that I am placing what I understand to be electrodes into the back of my right hand. They are like little stubbs of metal that protrude from my hand such that one could clip wires to them. I awake. 

  Now in WL I am actually having trouble and pain with my right hand, as I have a "trigger finger" that gets locked in position against the palm of my hand. The pain extends back from the finger across the back side of my hand. So it is not surprising that I dreamed about my hand. In past years I have gotten a cortisone shot for this (which works for about a year) but the shot is quite painful and I have been hoping to avoid that. I've tried cannabis CBD salve but that did not help. There is also a surgical intervention, but I would like to avoid that as well if possible.
  Later in the same day of the dream I decide to google "trigger finger electrodes" and to my utter surprise I come across a site suggesting using a TENS unit ( a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Unit) for controlling the pain from a trigger finger. The article showed pictures of stick-on electrode pads placed on both of the back of the hand and joints of the affected finger. I have absolutely no memory of ever having heard of TENS before. Was the dream precognitive to reading the article on the internet? Well, maybe…. In any case I decided to order such a unit and give it a try.
Hello Rbennett321. Sounds like you went ahead a bit in time. That's a fun experience to have. Let us know how the tens unit works for you.
Oh hope the TENS helps, it sounds exciting. I had a trigger thumb a few years ago and eventually had to have surgery because it was making life very difficult and painful. Surgery was easy and fixed it quickly.
As a complete aside, what you are describing might be the sign of some greater nerve damage.

A TENS unit will probably not have the effect you are looking for. They are generally used to stimulate nerve activity where there has been nerve damage from an operation or accident.

I would suggest, mildly, that you bring it up to your primary care physician next time you see them.

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