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Washington DC dream
Haven't been here for a while. Had this dream last night that felt like a walk-about so wanted to post. I'm curious to see what else has been posted recently to see if there are any similar dreams.  

Start of dream: The area is Washington DC. I’m walking into a building with other people. I am a Representative from Texas and this is my orientation to my new position.  Following a man and a woman into the building. They are also Representatives from Texas. Received a room number and find the room and walk in. Walk to the front of the room and sit in a chair in the front row. Look around the room and see people milling about talk. Maybe I have time to look for the other representatives from Texas.  Walk over to a woman who looks like she will be hosting this meeting. I tell her I need to find some people I came here with. She said; “okay do not take too long. We cannot start without you.” Walked out of the room and there is a man in the hallway. I told him I’m going to look for some people I know. He smiled and said “all right then”. Walked a few feet and then thought, no I better go back to the room I was in. Walk back in and see someone sitting in my seat. Walk over and say, you are in my seat. It’s the woman who is hosting the meeting. She looks at me,  smiling getting up from the chair. Asked the woman next to me if she is new here and she says, no she has been coming to these for a while. Then walk to the back of the room, and see a container with bottled water. Take a bottle of water and walk back to my chair.  Then the meeting starts.  

The walls disappear so it looks like we are sitting in a parking lot.  Stand up, walk a bit and notice that I am standing in a road. Ahead of me about ¼ mile or so and see a line of cars. The cars are stopping and turning around or backing up. I think, I wonder what is going on here and why they are turning around.  Then someone walks up behind me and I see a man in uniform with guns. Not sure if he is military or SWAT.  Ask, why are they turning around? He looks to our right and says, there is an active shooter in the area. Look to my right noticing the land on the right side of the road is higher than the road like a hill and there are lot of trees.  

Ask the man, do we need to leave also. He said yes and we started walking on the road. Concerned about the shooter and he said, not to worry, we are watching out for you all. Looking behind me, the people who were in the meeting are running out of the building toward the road. Also notice other men in uniform with guns so I feel a little better and start walking. I’m also feeling better because I can’t “feel” the danger anymore. They either caught the shooter or he moved on.
End of Dream
After posting this dream yesterday, I went to the World Wide Predictions website and found prediction fitting this dream. The prediction was:
"I had a visual of a man walking with a gun in his hand. “Unhinged.. 5.. Washington.” Here is the link if anyone wants to read it:

When I read the word "unhinged" it immediately made me think of the shooter from the dream. He felt mentally/Spiritually not right.
Interesting Cassandra. I wonder about the connection to Texas. Thanks for posting.

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