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4/26/19 Missing Children
I didn't have time to write the whole dream down but got freaked out about dreambot on 4/27/19 to where I thought it would be necessary to write a fragment of my dream down. 

I was on a military compound, and it was like basic training. Training leaders yelling and screaming at us. Had to get knees up and run in place. Had to get chin in. "This sucks I said to myself." Later at the dinner table, still yelling at us. But someone tapped on my shoulder. "Is this your family?" They had me turn around and watch a video. Ex wife trying to get into the compound with the kids. They get whisked away except one of my kids starts walking away. She appears to be confused. She doesn't know where to go. She walks faster, I begin yelling her name. Of course she can't hear me, this is a video recording. I yell louder, but knowing she this is a video of the last time anyone saw her. She is a missing child.
I didn't have time to write the dream in yesterday, but I was freaked out about the next day's dreambot:
Sorry Eagle.
Maybe there will be news about a missing or a group of missing children and you were picking up upon that.
Lets hope it is good news for some of our missing kids.

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