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Tornado 5-16-19
I was with a family that was not mine in real life n in my dream. I was watching the 3 or 4 children for the parents who were not there. Their home was near a field and rather large, 3 stories. I acquainted myself with the home and kids. The weather was a bit cloudy and I looked out a window from a mid level floor bedroom. I notice a tornado begin to form, small at first but close by. I yell "tornado " a few times and looked out again. It was gaining in size and I knew we might not have long until it approached the house. The kids were not coming, I ran up the stairs and opened each door to their rooms. I grabbed the youngest ones and called for the older ones to follow. We ran down 2 flights of stairs and reached a bathroom. It wasn't in the interior but I new bathrooms were one of the safest places to be. A man suddenly appears in the house. A neighbor, thin, sopping wet, muddy and a bit beat up. He began telling me how to place the kids in the tub. He wanted them to go in a line, every other person would have a head facing a different way. It was taking too long so only some of the kids were like that. One of the older kids had not come down, they were busy selecting things to save from their room and were in danger of not making it down in time. The tornado changed direction once or twice but was still very close by. The window was sightly open in the bathroom , making lots of noise and rattling and I closed it. It was a good sized tornado, pretty wide but not overtaking the whole sky. I woke up shortly after the last kid made it to the bathroom.

Thoughts. I don't live in tornado country and have never had to really take cover for one except being prepared once on vacation when there was a watch for a short time. Normally, when I dream of things like this, they can happen shortly afterwards. Within a few days. So, if there is to be a problem with tornadoes, it might be within a few day and in a location with some open spaces.
well, this is happening from last night through the next week.
Over 34 tornados last night alone.

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