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Squirrel Poison
I was sitting in a waiting room with three of my children. For some reason I only had the three. The building was very clean and there were many other people there as well. I noticed that everyone around me was Asian, and remembered I had gone to China. I worried for a bit that my Mandarin was rusty, but a lady came to talk to me and she spoke perfect English, so I guess it didn't matter!

She told me that they were going to be spraying soon. They had devised a new way to get rid of "pests" and would be spraying the whole building for them. She asked me if I would like to get a vaccine for the spray for ONE of my children. My first thought was "Good Lord, what could they be spraying that requires a freakin' vaccine?!" I told her I wasn't fond of vaccines I knew nothing about and needed to think about it.

She smiled and said she understood but told me that there was only ONE more available, so I needed to make up my mind very quickly. She left and I was going over the little information I had, which was next to nothing. A few seconds later, I see a man in a jumpsuit holding what looks like a dead, stiff squirrel. He starts pumping its tail and a thick purple fog begins billowing out of its little nose. He was maybe 30 feet away from me and the kids as hes doing this, then looks up at us and goes back down another hallway.

I can't believe what I just witnessed and start scanning the children sitting next to me. I feel like I NEED to give them the vaccine but which ONE? One is 8, one is 6 and one is 4. Im thinking maybe its best to give it to the youngest, but I wanted to talk to the Dr. some more before I made up my mind. Luckily, she calls me in immediately.

I leave the two boys sitting in the waiting room and bring my youngest daughter with me. I asked the Dr why they are spraying with poisons that are SO dangerous people need vaccines. She dodged my question and told me that it isn't poisonous to MOST people. Healthy people are usually just fine. The vaccine is just a safety precaution for the weaker people, mainly the youth. Then she went on to talk about how they don't tend to do well with the alcohols used in it. I asked her if she was sure there was only 1 other vaccine shot available. Couldn't she conjure up 2 more? She got almost angry and said she could not. There was only one more that she had saved just for me and I could take it or leave it. She held up a syringe with a bright yellow liquid in it that was the vaccine. I allowed her to give it to my youngest daughter. I thought to myself that she was probably the weakest and then the thought that if something happened that the would need strong mothers to rebuild and repopulate, because for some reason, in my mind, a lot of people could be wiped out by this squirrel poison.

After she administered the shot, I walked back out into the waiting room to pure chaos. The room was foggy and people were running in every direction. I ran carrying my daughter on my hip back to where my sons were sitting. I looked around, all of the exits were blocked by hoards of people trying to escape. I knew we would be trapped if we went that way as well. Scanning the room I saw one single glass door that seemed to be out of place on a wall. Out of place because there was a concrete walkway build a foot or two away from the door that was high off of the ground. The walkway had a rail on it that blocked the door from opening all the way, and the space in-between the railing and the door was just enough for a child or small person to fall through. I had no choice but to try to get my children through that door anyway. I opened it as far as I could and threw my daughter over the railing to safety and told her to wait for me there. Then I turned around to see my oldest son dragging the youngest towards me. He looked lethargic. The youngest son was unconscious. I ran to them and grabbed them up having one on each hip, then waddled back to the door as fast as I could, then I threw each of them over the railing as well knowing that the fresh air would help. Then I squeezed through the door and climbed over the rail myself.

Everyone sprang back to life once getting a breath of fresh air. My daughter was missing though. Crowds of people were running by and I assumed that she had been swept away in the crowd, so I grabbed the boys' hands and went through the crowd calling for her. It didn't take long to find her. I put her on my hip and ran holding her with the other boys holding onto my shirt and running along side me. The crowd sort of dispersed at some point. It was night and we were in a gungy part of town somewhere. We were running behind buildings and through empty alleyways to avoid crowds.

As we were running, we ran through an ant hill and ran swatting these big, black ants off of our legs. Thinking it was over, we ran through two more ant hills. The ants had climbed up me and got at my daughter's legs and both boys were crying. We stopped in an ally and I let my daughter down and swatted the ants off of her legs, then turned to help the boys swat ants off of their legs as well. When I turned back around, my daughter was gone. I started calling her and she called me back. She was sitting over some kind of turbine sticking out of the ground behind a factory. She had climbed up somehow and intended to use it to fan her legs which were "hot" from the ant bites, but she fell into the middle of it. I could hear that the factory was about turn it on and made a mad dash to save her when I woke up from the dream.
I read something about squirrel meat being banned in China during the Coronavirus and thought I had a dream about China and squirrels. I remember how goofy this dream sounded at the time, but now idk... heh.

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